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86. Seal of Aferlein Son of Nachman

*Ephraim bar N—

*Ephraim Son of N[achman]

Dimensions: ca. 32 mm. Impression.

Location: Bavarian Main State Archives, Munich,

Landshut-Seligenthal Doc. 146.

Bibliography: Historischen Vereines für Niederbayern, 1893.

This much-damaged seal has an inscription in Hebrew which one can only guess at. The writer believes he sees the name Ephraim; the document itself states the name of the Jewish principal as Aferlein, called Efferlein in the main Jewish records, and this could easily be derived from Ephraim. On the field is a shield upon which is a Jew’s hat; above is a crescent moon to the right and what seems to be a six-pointed star to the left. There appears to be an additional design in the lower third of the shield below the Jew’s hat, probably the loop of the hat.

The document, shown here, is dated January 6, 1338, and comes from Erding, a small town near Nuremberg in northern Bavaria. Its contents are simple: “Hiltprant of Rampolezhaimer and his wife renounce for themselves and for their heirs all possible claims in regard to the farm at Rudling which they sold to Aferlein the Jew from Erding, and which Aferlein has resold to Agnes the abbess of the convent for women at Säldenthal.”

Though technically this document does not come from Regensburg, Efferlein was involved in several financial transactions with the city fathers and, by blood relationship, was a member of the Jewish syndicates lending money in the general area. Efferlein was the son of Nachman, whose seal we see as No. 87. Efferlein’s father-in-law was Aron, from Salzburg, also a member of these syndicates. Aron’s other son-in-law, Mändlein, lived in Regensburg and is likewise an important Jewish principal on documents from this period.

There are two seals appended to this document. The first is that of a Christian sealer, the second that of Efferlein.

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