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76. Seal of Moses Son of Joseph Halevi (Moysse Tannebach)

* [——] * Moshe * bar * Yosef * Halevi

Dimensions: 34 mm. Impression.

Location: Main County Archives of Karlsruhe, No. 3/188.

Bibliography: Schreckenstein, 1872; Steinschneider, 1872, Bk. 12, p. 92; Stern, 1887, 1890; Schilling, 1964, No. 160; Brincken, 1963–64; Roth, 1971, Fig. 7.

The seals shows three Jews’ hats, brims pointing inward and chinstraps touching, within a shield. Around the shield is a heavy beaded line; the space between line and shield is cross-hatched. The outer edge is defined by another heavy beaded line. This seal is among the larger personal Jewish medieval seals known.

This writer has not translated the first word in the Hebrew legend. Whether the final letter is a vav or a final nun, the names Lov, Lev, and Leon would seem to be eliminated for orthographic reasons. The more probable explanation is that This solution is unacceptable, in this writer’s opinion, as the last letter is clearly not a yod.

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