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75. Seal of Benjamin

Dimensions: ca. 26 mm. (from old photo).

Location: State Archives of the Canton of Bern (seal impression off).

Bibliography: Weldler-Steinberg, 1902; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1907, s.v.

“Seal,” Pl, II, No. 29; Rennefahrt, 1963.

This seal has fallen off the document to which it was attached and is lost. However, a copy of it was still in existence less than a century ago, though in deplorable condition, and was pictured in the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1907. On what looks like a badly designed shield are the common medieval Jewish symbols of the star and the crescent moon, the latter unusually large, under the star. Between beaded circles is the inscription, of which only a few letters can be made out. We do not know the name of Benjamin’s father, but the document to which the seal was originally appended identifies his wife, Meria, and his grandson, Bennfelt, as parties.

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