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74. Seal of Vivlin Son of Master Isaac

[ ] [ ] HaḤet-Resh Yitzḥak Ayin-Mem-Ḥet

[ ] [ ] HaḤakam Rab Yitzḥak[?]

[ ] [ ] The Sage Master Isaac[?]

Dimensions: ca. 24 mm. Damaged impression.

Location: State Archives of the Canton of Bern.

Bibliography: Weldler-Steinberg, 1902; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1907, s.v. “Seal,” Pl. II, No. 28; Rennefahrt, 1963; Widmer, 1977.

The top left and top center edges of the seal are missing, so that the first part of the Hebrew lettering is obliterated (we know the name of Vivlin [Viflin] from the document itself), followed by letters which this writer renders, with some trepidation, as The sage master, only the name of the father, Isaac, is certain. The last group of letters is unintelligible. If the second letter of this last group were a tet rather than a mem, the contraction might stand for “Crown of Sages,” a bit too florid a compliment for the unknown Isaac. On the shield, in a circle separating it from the Hebrew letters, is a crude lion, facing to the right, with jaws open and tail bent over his back.

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