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71. Seal of Israel Son of Master Samuel/Susman

* Yisrael * ben Harab * Shemuel * Zayin-Lamed

Israel Son of the Master Samuel, May His Memory Be for a Blessing

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Seal of Susman

Dimensions: 27 mm. Impression.

Location: State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Document C I, No. 277.

Bibliography: Ulrich, 1768; A. Kisch, 1882; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1907, s.v. “Seal,” Pl. II, No. 26; Escher and Schweizer, 1920; Guggenheim-Grünberg, 1967; Widmer, 1977.

In the center of this seal is a shield showing three long slender fish with open mouths, which have been called pikes. The shield is in high relief, but there is no background apart from the dotted circle framing the letters. At the top there is a star, with the Latin letters to the right and the Hebrew to the left. The last letters of S’Svsma[n] are difficult to read. The Hebrew contraction at the end clearly shows the zayin, but the lamed must be guessed at. Alexander Kisch read the name as Suslin and stated that the reference was to Fislin (“small fish”), a common name among German-speaking Jews at that time. However, the document to which the seal is attached gives the name of the seal owner as Susman, the name Israel used in the Christian community.

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