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60. Seal of Judah Son of Abraham

Yehudah ben Abraham Nun-Ayin

Judah Son of Abraham, May He Rest in Eden

Dimensions: unknown.

Location: unknown.

Bibliography: Cantera y Burgos and Millás Villicrosa, 1956, No. 255.

This seal, found while digging the foundations for a railroad station in northwestern Léon, in far western Spain north of Portugal, was formerly in the collection of the Provincial Museum of Léon. It is now unlocatable.

The seal is described as made of iron. The engraving shows a plant stem with vine leaves and clusters, the Hebrew inscription around the border. The description rather fancifully assumes that the device derives from Genesis 49: 11, “Binding his foal unto the vine, And his ass’s colt unto the choice vine,” an allusion to Judah, the name of the seal owner. This writer knows of no Judah Son of Abraham in any historical study.

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