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8. Seal of Nathan Son of Frederic

Dimensions: 31 mm.

Location: unknown.

Bibliography: King, 1884a.

This object was described by C. W. King as a circular seal of brass picked up at Woodbridge in Suffolk. No photograph, wood engraving, or sketch accompanies the description. The device is indicated as a wyvern regardant (looking behind) at a star: a wyvern is a kind of dragon with wings and two legs. The legend, stated to be in twelfth- or thirteenth-century lettering somewhat defaced, is identified as + S NAThITED-ERICIALE—HDRIIVD. This is rendered as + SEAL OF NATHAN, SON OF F(R)EDERIC, SON OF ALEXANDER THE JEW, presumably NAT(AN) FI(LI) FEDERICI ALE(XA)NDRI IVD.

There is a basic question as to whether this seal is genuine; but it cannot be considered a Jewish seal. The letters were said to be defaced and the last letter is probably S and not D, the last word thus being ALEXANDRIUS, the seal in consequence reading NATHI FEDERICI ALEXANDRIVS or NAT FI. FEDERICI ALEXANDRIUS.

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