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This key may be considered a virtual bibliography for it includes all the unpublished records, documents, source collections and works to which my notes refer with some frequency. Omitted here are works and manuscripts cited only once. All term papers unless otherwise marked are in the AJAr.

Ableser, “Isaac Leeser”

Jeffrey Ableser, “The Mind of Isaac Leeser as Perceived through Volume Four of his Discourses on the Jewish Religion,” (HUC term paper, 1977).

Abrahams, Hebraic Bookland

Israel Abrahams, By-Paths in Hebraic Bookland (Phila., 1920).

Abrahams and Levy, Lord Macaulay

Isaac Abrahams and S. Levy (eds.), Essay and Speech on Jewish Disabilities by Lord Macaulay (2d ed., Edinburgh, 1916).


Appletons’ Cyclopaedia of American Biography.

Adams, Atlas of American History

James Truslow Adams (ed.), Atlas of American History (N.Y., 1943).

Adams, Dictionary

Hannah Adams, A Dictionary of All Religions and Religious Denominations, etc. (N.Y., 1817).

Adams, History of the Jews

Hannah Adams, The History of the Jews From the Destruction of Jerusalem to the Nineteenth Century (2 vols., Boston, 1812).

Adler, Cat. of Leeser Library

Cyrus Adler (comp.), Catalogue of the Leeser Library (Phila., 1883).

Aguilar, Jewish Faith

Grace Aguilar, The Jewish Faith: Its Spiritual Consolation, Moral Guidance, and Immortal Hope, etc., Preface by Isaac Leeser (Phila., 1864).

Aguilar, Spirit of Judaism

Grace Aguilar, The Spirit of Judaism, ed., Isaac Leeser (Phila., 1842).


The American Hebrew.

Ahlstrom, Religious History

Sydney E. Ahlstrom, A Religious History of the American People (New Haven, 1972).


The American Historical Review.


The American Israelite [until 1874: The Israelite].


American Jewish Archives (publication).


American Jewish Archives (institution), Cincinnati.


American Jewish History.


American Jewish Historical Quarterly.


American Jewish Historical Society, Waltham, Mass.


American Jewish Historical Society Library, Waltham, Mass.


American Jewish Year Book.

Aldine Catalogue

American-Judaica & HebraicaOffered for Sale by the Aldine Book Company (N.Y., n.d.).

Altfeld, Maryland

Milton E. Altfeld, The Jew’s Struggle for Religious and Civil Liberty in Maryland (Baltimore, 1924).

American Jews’ Annual

The American Jews’ Annual (Cincinnati, Chicago and N.Y., 5645–57 A.M. (1884–1897)).

American State Papers (1911)

William Addison Blakely (ed.), American State Papers (Washington, D. C., 1911).

American State Papers (1949)

American State Papers (4th ed., Washington, D. C., 1949).

Anshe Chesed, N.Y., Auszug

Auszug aus den Staatsgesetzen von New-York, u.s.w. [Constitution of Congregation Anshe Chesed, N.Y.] (N.Y., 1839).

Anshe Chesed, N.Y., Minutes

Minutes of Congregation Anshe Chesed, New York, copy in AJAr.

Armes and Livington, Nancy Shippen

Ann Home Livingston (Shippen), Nancy Shippen, her Journal Book, ed. by Ethel Armes (Phila., 1935).

B. & B., JOUS

Joseph L. Blau and Salo W. Baron (eds.), The Jews of the United States, 1790–1840: A Documentary History (3 vols., N.Y., 1963).

Baron, The Jewish Community

Salo W. Baron, The Jewish Community (3 vols., Phila., 1942).

Barrett, Old Merchants

Walter Barrett, Old Merchants of New York City (3 vols., N.Y., 1863–70).

Bartlett, Familiar Quotations

John Bartlett, Familiar Quotations (13th ed., Boston, 1955).


Joseph R. Rosenbloom, A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews: Colonial Times through 1800 (Lexington, Ky., 1960).

Beard, Rise of Am. Civilization

Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard, The Rise of American Civilization (2 vols., N.Y., 1927).

Beerman, “Rebecca Gratz”

Leonard I. Beerman, “Rebecca Gratz—An Analysis of the Life and Activity of the Foremost Jewess of the Nineteenth Century, etc.” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1949).

Benjamin, Three Years

I. J. Benjamin, Three Years in America 1859–1862 (2 vols., Phila., 1956).

Bennett, “Isaac Leeser”

Emanuel Bennett, “A Critical Evaluation of the Life of Isaac Leeser” (Ph.D. diss., Yeshivah University, N.Y., 1955).

Berk, History of the Jews

M. A. Berk, The History of the Jews, from the Taking of Jerusalem by Titus, to the Present Time, etc. (Andover, Mass., 1843).

Berman, “Mikveh Israel”

Daniel M. Berman, “The Correspondence of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, 1831–1843” (HUC term paper, 1955).

Berman, Richmond

Myron Berman, Richmond’s Jewry, 1769–1976: Shabbat in Shockoe (Charlottesville, Va., 1979).

Berman, Shehitah

Jeremiah J. Berman, Shehitah: a Study in the Cultural and Social Life of the Jewish People (N.Y., 1941).

Beth Elohim, Charleston, Constitution (1820)

Constitution of the Hebrew Congregation of Kaal Kadosh Beth-Elohim or House of God, Charleston (Charleston, S.C., 1820).

Beth Elohim, Charleston, Constitution (1836)

New Constitution of the Hebrew Congregation of Kaal Kadosh Beth Elohim, or House of God (Charleston, S.C., 1837).

Beth Elohim, Charleston, Minutes

Minutes of Congregation Beth Elohim, Charleston, S.C., copy in AJAr.

Beth Shalome, Richmond, Constitution

Constitution of Congregation Beth Shalome, Richmond, Aug. 24, 1789, copy in Emily Solis-Cohen Papers, Marcus Collections.

Beth Shalome, Richmond, Resolution (before 1818)

Resolution of Congregation Beth Shalome, in J. Ezekiel Scrapbook, Richmond, Va., copy in Marcus Collections.

Billington, Protestant Crusade

Ray Allen Billington, The Protestant Crusade, 1800–1860 (Chicago, 1964).

Biographical Directory of the American Congress

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774–1971 (Washington, D. C., 1971).

Blau, Cornerstones

Joseph L. Blau, Cornerstones of Religious Freedom in America (Boston, 1950).

Bloom, Amsterdam

Herbert I. Bloom, The Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Williamsport, Pa., 1937).

Bloom, “Mikveh Israel”

B. Bloom, “The Culture, Practices and Ideals.… in the Minute Book of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pa., 1781–1795” (HUC term paper, n.d.).

Bloom, Newburgh

Maurice J. Bloom, Early Settlers of the Jewish Faith in Newburgh and Vicinity (Newburgh, N.Y., 1945).

Blum, Baltimore

Isidor Blum, The Jews of Baltimore, etc. (Baltimore, 1910).

Bortman-Larus Collection

Mrs. Joel Larus (Jane Bortman Larus) of Waban, Mass., has an important collection of American Judaica, collected by her father, Mark Bortman, of Newton Centre, Mass. There is a published inventory of the documents, 82 items, in AJAr.

Brackenridge, Speeches on the Jew Bill

H. M. Brackenridge et al., Speeches on the Jew Bill (Phila., 1829).

Brandeis Avukah Annual

Joseph Shalom Shubow et al. (eds.), The Brandeis Avukah Annual of 1932: A Collection of Essays on Contemporary Zionist Thought, Dedicated to Justice Louis D. Brandeis (Boston, 1932).

Brickner, “Cincinnati”

Barnett R. Brickner, “The Jewish Community of Cincinnati, Historical and Descriptive, 1817–1935” (Ph.D. diss., University of Cincinnati, 1935).

Brigham, American Newspapers

Clarence S. Brigham, History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690–1820 (2 vols., Worcester, Mass., 1947).

Brown, History of the Destruction

Thomas Brown, The History of the Destruction of the City and Temple of Jerusalem, and of the Ruin and Dispersion of the Jewish Nation (Albany, 1825).

Byars, B. and M. Gratz

William Vincent Byars (ed.), B. and M. Gratz: Merchants in Philadelphia, 1754–1798 (Jefferson City, Mo., 1916).

Carman and Syrett, History

Harry J. Carman and Harold C. Syrett, A History of the American People (2 vols., N.Y., 1957).

Carvalho, Seixas

E. N. Carvalho, Sermon Preached on Sunday … July 7, 1816 on Occasion of the Death of the Rev. Mr. Gershom Mendes Seixas (Phila., 1816).


Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook.

Channing, History

Edward Channing, A History of the United States (7 vols., N.Y., 1907–1932).

Charleston Proceedings

Proceedings of a Public Meeting of the Citizens of Charleston … in relation to the Persecution of the Jews in the East (Charleston, S.C., 1840).

Charleston Will Book

Charleston Will Books, Charleston, S.C.

Clapp, Autobiographical Sketches

Theodore Clapp, Autobiographical Sketches and Recollections during a Thirty-Five Years’ Residence in New Orleans (Boston, 1857).

Clark, Naval Documents

William Bell Clark (ed.), Naval Documents of the American Revolution (4 vols., Washington, D. C., 1964–1969).

Cohen, Elements of the Jewish Faith

S. I. Cohen, Elements of the Jewish Faith (Richmond, Va., 1817).

Cohen, “Isaac Leeser”

Emily Solis-Cohen, “Isaac Leeser, The Man and His Destiny: The Story of a Beginner in America,” copy in the Marcus Collections. Cohen had sources that have since disappeared.

Cohen, Records of the Myers, Hays, and Mordecai Families

Caroline Cohen, Records of the Myers, Hays, and Mordecai Families from 1707 to 1913 (n.p., n.d.).

Coleman, Jew in English Drama

Edward D. Coleman (comp.), The Jew in English Drama (N.Y., 1943).

Commager, Documents

Henry Steele Commager (ed.), Documents of American History (7th ed., N.Y., 1963).

Cooper and McCord, Statutes

Thomas Cooper and David J. McCord (eds.), The Statutes at Large of South Carolina (10 vols., Columbia, S.C., 1836–1841).


Commerce of Rhode Island, 1726–1800 (2 vols., Boston, 1914–1915).

Cubberley, Public Education

Ellwood P. Cubberley, Public Education in the United States (rev. ed., Cambridge, Mass., 1947).

Curti et al., American History

Merle Curti et al., An American History (2 vols., N.Y., 1950).

Curti, American Thought

Merle Curti, The Growth of American Thought (N.Y., 1943).


Dictionary of American Biography.

DAH (1942)

Dictionary of American History (N.Y., 1942).

DAH (1976–1978)

Dictionary of American History (rev. ed., N.Y., 1976–1978).

Daly, Settlement

Charles P. Daly, The Settlement of The Jews in North America (N.Y., 1893).

Davis, Rodeph Shalom

Edward Davis, The History of Rodeph Shalom Congregation, 1802–1926 (Phila., 1926).

Devine, “Sephardic Jews”

Leonard H. Devine, “The Religious and Social Life of the Sephardic Jews in the United States, 1654–1840,” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1948).

Dubnow, Weltgeschichte

Simon Dubnow, Weltgeschichte des juedischen Volkes (10 vols., Berlin, 1925–1929).

Duschinsky, Rabbinate of the Great Synagogue

C. Duschinsky, The Rabbinate of the Great Synagogue, London, from 1756–1842 (London, 1921).

Dushkin, Jew. Ed. in NYC

Alexander M. Dushkin, Jewish Education in New York City (N.Y., 1918).

E. & L., Richmond

Herbert T. Ezekiel and Gaston Lichtenstein, The History of the Jews of Richmond from 1769 to 1917 (Richmond, Va., 1917).


Richard B. Morris (ed.), Encyclopedia of American History (N.Y., 1953).

East, Business Enterprise

Robert Abraham East, Business Enterprise in the American Revolutionary Era (N.Y., 1938).

Eastern Union

Joseph Gale (ed.), Eastern Union: The Development of a Jewish Community (Elizabeth, N.J., 1958).


Essays in American Jewish History, etc. (Cincinnati, 1958).

Eichhorn, “Christianizing America’s Jews”

David Max Eichhorn, “Christianizing America’s Jews” (2 vols., 1938), copy in Marcus Collections.

Eichhorn, Evangelizing

David Max Eichhorn, Evangelizing the American Jew (Middle Village, N.Y., 1978).


Encyclopaedia Judaica.

Elbogen, Cent. of Jewish Life

Ismar Elbogen, A Century of Jewish Life (Phila., 1944).

Elizer, A Directory for 1803

Eleazer Elizer, A Directory for 1803 … in the City of Charleston, etc. (Charleston, S.C., 1803).

Ellery, Swift

Harrison Ellery (ed.), The Memoirs of General Joseph Gardner Swift (Worcester, Mass., 1890).

Ellis, Am. Catholicism

John Tracy Ellis, American Catholicism (2d ed., revised, Chicago, 1969).

Elzas, Beth Elohim

Barnett A. Elzas, A History of Congregation Beth Elohim of Charleston, S.C., 1800–1810 (Charleston, S.C., 1902).

Elzas, Cent. of Jud. in S.C.

Barnett A. Elzas, A Century of Judaism in South Carolina (Charleston, S.C., 1904).

Elzas, Jews of S.C.

Barnett A. Elzas, The Jews of South Carolina (Phila., 1905).

Elzas, Leaves, Second Series

Barnett A. Elzas, Leaves from My Historical Scrap Book, Second Series (Charleston, S.C., 1908).

Elzas, Old Cemeteries

Barnett A. Elzas, The Old Jewish Cemeteries at Charleston, S.C.: A Transcript of the Inscriptions (Charleston, S.C., 1903).

Emmanuel, Netherlands Antilles

Isaac S. and Suzanne A. Emmanuel, History of the Jews in the Netherlands Antilles (2 vols., Cincinnati, 1970).

Endelman, Jews of Georgian England

Todd M. Endelman, The Jews of Georgian England, 1714–1830 (Phila., 1979).

[Ennery] Imre Lev

[J. Ennery] Imre Lev, Meditations and Prayers for Every Situation and Occasion in Life, trans. by Hester Rothschild, rev. by Isaac Leeser (Phila., 1866).


Raphael Patai (ed.), Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel (2 vols., N.Y., 1971).


Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences (N.Y., 1949).

Farrand, Federal Convention

Max Farrand (ed.), The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 (4 vols., New Haven, 1911–1937).

Faulkner, American Economic History

Harold Underwood Faulkner, American Economic History (3d ed., N.Y., 1935).

Fein, Baltimore

Isaac M. Fein, The Making of an American Jewish Community: The History of Baltimore Jewry from 1773 to 1920 (Phila., 1971).

Feldman, “Pittsburgh”

Jacob S. Feldman, “The Early Migration and Settlement of Jews in Pittsburgh, 1754–1894,” copy of MS in Marcus Collections.

Feldman, Pittsburgh

Jacob S. Feldman, The Early Migration and Settlement of Jews in Pittsburgh, 1754–1894 (Pittsburgh, 1959).

Ferm, Encyclopedia of Religion

Vergilius Ferm (ed.), An Encyclopedia of Religion (N.Y., 1945).

Fierman, “Jewish Education”

Floyd Sidney Fierman, “Efforts Toward Reform in American Jewish Education Prior to 1881” (Ph.D. diss., University of Pittsburgh, 1949).

Finkelstein, The Jews

Louis Finkelstein (ed.), The Jews: Their History, Culture, and Religion (3d ed., 2 vols., N.Y., 1960).

Fish, Aaron Levy

Sidney M. Fish, Aaron Levy, Founder of Aaronsburg (N.Y., 1951).

Fish, Common Man

Carl Russell Fish, The Rise of the Common Man, 1830–1850 (N.Y., 1927).

Fox, “Mikveh Israel”

Stephen A. Fox, “A History of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, 1824–1840, As Reflected in the Minutes of the Board of Managers” (HUC term paper, 1979–1980).

Friedman, EAJ

Lee M. Friedman, Early American Jews (Cambridge, Mass., 1934).

Friedman, Pilgrims

Lee M. Friedman, Pilgrims in a New Land (Phila., 1948).

Friedman, Pioneers

Lee M. Friedman, Jewish Pioneers and Patriots (Phila., 1942).

Garfein, “Joseph S.C.F. Frey”

Stanley J. Garfein, “Joseph S.C.F. Frey: Missionary to the Jews” (HUC term paper, 1961).

Gartner, Cleveland

Lloyd P. Gardner, History of the Jews of Cleveland (Cleveland, 1978).

Gates of Mercy, New Orleans, Constitution

The Constitution and Bye-Laws, of the Israelite Congregation, of Shanarai-Chasset (Gates of Mercy) of… New-Orleans (New Orleans, 1828).

Gelber, Zionismus

N. M. Gelber, Zur Vorgeschichte des Zionismus (Wien, 1927).


The Georgia Historical Quarterly.

Glanz, Folklore

Rudolf Glanz, The Jew in the Old American Folklore (N.Y., 1961).

Glanz, Milieu

Rudolf Glanz, Jews in Relation to the Cultural Milieu of the Germans in America up to the Eighteen Eighties (N.Y., 1947).

Glanz, Studies

Rudolf Glanz, Studies in Judaica Americana (N.Y., 1970).

Goldberg, Major Noah

Isaac Goldberg, Major Noah: American-Jewish Pioneer (Phila., 1936).

Goldsmith, Directory (1831)

Morris Goldsmith, Directory and Strangers’ Guide for the City of Charleston and its Vicinity [from the fifth census of the United States] (Charleston, S.C., 1831).

Goldstein, Cent. of Jud. in NYC

Israel Goldstein, A Century of Judaism in New York: B’nai Jeshurun, 1825–1925, etc. (N.Y., 1930).

Goodman, “Spruce Street Cemetery”

Leopold D. Goodman (ed.), “Records of the Spruce Street Cemetery, etc.” (MS, Phila., 1912), copy in Marcus Collections.

Gottesman, Arts and Crafts, 1777–1799

Rita Susswein Gottesman, The Arts and Crafts in New York, 1777–1799 (N.Y., 1954).

Gras and Larson, Casebook

N.S.B. Gras and Henrietta M. Larson, Casebook in American Business History (N.Y., 1939).

Greene, Revolutionary Generation

Evarts Boutell Greene, The Revolutionary Generation, 1763–1790 (N.Y., 1943).

Grinstein, New York City

Hyman B. Grinstein, The Rise of the Jewish Community of New York, 1654–1860 (Phila., 1945).

Gryn, “Hebra Kaddisha”

Hugo G. Gryn, “Hebra Kaddisha, Mikve Israel, A Study of the religious, cultural and philanthropic practices and ideals: 1813–1840” (HUC term paper, 1955).

Gutstein, Lopez and Touro

Morris A. Gutstein, Aaron Lopez and Judah Touro (N.Y., 1939).

Gutstein, Newport

Morris A. Gutstein, The Story of the Jews of Newport (N.Y., 1936).

Guttmacher, Baltimore

Adolf Guttmacher, A History of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, etc. (Baltimore, 1905).

Harap, Image of the Jew

Louis Harap, The Image of the Jew in American Literature (Phila., 1974).

“Harby Booklist”

“Booklist of Library Books which belonged originally to Isaac Harby,” typescript in possession of Mrs. Hal W. Harby, Sumter, S.C., copy in Marcus Collections.

Harby, Discourse

Isaac Harby, A Discourse, Delivered in Charleston, (S.C.) on the 21st of Nov. 1825, before the Reformed Society of Israelites … on their First Anniversary (Charleston, S.C., 1825).

Harris, Columbia

Melvin S. Harris, The Columbia Hebrew Benevolent Society (Columbia, S.C., 1947).

Hartogensis, Maryland

Benjamin H. Hartogensis, Studies in the History of Maryland (n.p., n.d.).

Haym Salomon: Gentleman

Haym Saloman: A Gentleman of Precision and Integrity (AJHS, Waltham, Mass., 1976).

Heitman, Historical Register

Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army … 1789 to … 1903, etc. (Washington, D.C., 1903).

Heller, As Yesterday When It Is Past

James G. Heller, As Yesterday When It Is Past, A History of the Isaac M. Wise Temple-K. K. B’nai Yeshurun, etc. (Cincinnati, 1942).

Heller, Isaac M. Wise

James G. Heller, Isaac M. Wise, His Life, Work and Thought (N.Y., 1965).

Hening, Laws of Virginia

William Waller Hening (ed.), The Statutes at Large, Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, etc. (13 vols., Richmond, Va., 1809–1823).

Hennig, Tree of Life

Helen Kohn Hennig, The Tree of Life (Columbia, S.C., 1945).

Henriques, Jews and the English Law

H.S.Q. Henriques, The Jews and the English Law (Oxford, 1908).

Hershkowitz and Meyer, Letters

Leo Hershkowitz and Isidore S. Meyer (eds.), Letters of the Franks Family (1733–1748) (Waltham, Mass., 1968).

Hershman, “Mikveh Israel”

Morris Hershman, “Culture, Practices, and Ideals of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Savannah, Georgia” (HUC term paper, 1956).

Hertz, Authorised Daily Prayer Book

Joseph H. Hertz, The Authorised Daily Prayer Book (rev. ed., N.Y., 1948).

Hertzberg, Atlanta

Steven Hertzberg, Strangers Within the Gate City: The Jews of Atlanta, 1845–1915 (Phila., 1978).

Hevrah, Phila., Constitution

Constitution and By-Laws of the Hevrah Shel Bikkur Holim u-Gemilut Hasadim (Phila., 1824).

Hildreth, History of U.S.

Richard Hildreth, The History of the United States of America (6 vols., N.Y., 1849–51).


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Phila.


Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati.


Hebrew Union College Annual.


Hebrew Union College Library, Cincinnati.

Hudson, Am. Prot.

Winthrop S. Hudson, American Protestantism (Chicago, 1961).

Hudson, Religion in America

Winthrop S. Hudson, Religion in America (N.Y., 1965).

Huhner, Jews of New York

Leon Huhner, The Jews of New York in the Arts, Sciences, and Professions (N.Y., 1905).

Huhner, Judah Touro

Leon Huhner, The Life of Judah Touro (1775–1854) (Phila., 1946).

Hunt, Lives

Freeman Hunt (ed.) Lives of American Merchants (2 vols., N.Y., 1969).

Hyamson, Jews in England

Albert M. Hyamson, A History of the Jews in England (2d ed., London, 1928).


Isaac Leeser (1806–1868), rabbi of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Phila., 1829–1850.

Israel Vindicated

Israel Vindicated; Being a Refutation of Calumnies Propagated Respecting The Jewish Nation: In Which the Objects and Views of the American Society for Ameliorating the Condition of the Jews, are Investigated. By an Israelite (N.Y., 1820).


Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789 (34 vols., Washington, D. C., 1904–1937).


The Jewish Encyclopedia.

Jerusalmi, “Shearith Israel”

Isaac Jerusalmi, “Cultures, Practices, and Ideals of a New York Sephardic Congregation as Reflected in the Minutes of Shearith Israel, 1784–1789” (HUC term paper, 1956).

Jewish People

The Jewish People: Past and Present (4 vols., N.Y., 1946–1955).


Juedisches Lexikon.


The Jewish Messenger.


The Journal of American History.

Johnson and Yost, Separation of Church and State

Alvin W. Johnson and Frank H. Yost, Separation of Church and State in the United States (Minneapolis, 1948).

Jost, Neuere Geschichte

J. M. Jost, Neuere Geschichte der Israeliten von 1815 bis 1845 (2 vols., Berlin, 1846–1847).

JQR, n.s.

The Jewish Quarterly Review, new series.


Jacob Rader Marcus.


The Journal of the Southern Jewish Historical Society.


Jewish Social Studies.


Jewish Social Service Quarterly.


Jewish Telegraphic Agency-Daily News Bulletin.


Jewish Theological Seminary, New York.

Judah, Gotham and the Gothamites

Samuel B. Judah, Gotham and the Gothamites, a Medley (N.Y., 1823).

Jung, Guardians

Leo Jung (ed.), Guardians of Our Heritage (1724–1953) (N.Y., 1958).

Kagan, Contributions

Solomon R. Kagan, Jewish Contributions to Medicine in America, from Colonial Times to the Present (2d ed., Boston, 1939).

Kaplan Jubilee Volume

Mordecai M. Kaplan Jubilee Volume: On the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday (English section) (N.Y., 1953).

Karff, “Mikveh Israel”

S.E. Karff, “Problems, Practices, and Ideals … Correspondence of Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, 1782–1805” (HUC term paper, 1956).

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Abraham J. Karp (ed.), The Jewish Experience in America (5 vols., Waltham, Mass. and N.Y., 1969).

Kiev Festschrift

Charles Berlin (ed.), Studies in Jewish Bibliography History and Literature, in Honor of I. Edward Kiev (N.Y., 1971).

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Gustav A. Koch, Republican Religion: The American Revolution and the Cult of Reason (N.Y., 1933).

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Max Kohler, Haym Salomon, The Patriot Broker of the Revolution: His Real Achievements and their Exaggeration, etc. (n.p., 1931).

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Max J. Kohler (ed.), Selected Addresses and Papers of Simon Wolf (Cincinnati, 1926).

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Bertram Wallace Korn, Benjamin Levy: New Orleans Printer and Publisher (Portland, Me., 1961).

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Bertram Wallace Korn, American Jewry and the Civil War (Phila., 1951).

Korn, Eventful Years

Bertram W. Korn, Eventful Years and Experiences (Cincinnati, 1954).

Korn, Jews and Negro Slavery

Bertram Wallace Korn, Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South: 1784–1865 (Elkins Park, Pa., 1961).

Korn, New Orleans

Bertram Wallace Korn, The Early Jews of New Orleans (Waltham, Mass., 1969).

Kraus, “Philadelphia Jewish Businessmen”

William Kraus, “A Study of Jewish Businessmen in Philadelphia as Reflected in the City Directories, 1776–1800” (HUC term paper, 1977).

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John Allen Krout and Dixon Ryan Fox, Completion of Independence, 1790–1830 (N.Y., 1944).

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Irving S. and Nell M. Kull, A Short Chronology of American History, 1492–1950 (New Brunswick, N.J., 1952).

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William L. Langer (ed.), An Encyclopedia of World History (5th ed., Boston, 1972).

Laws of Maryland, 1844

“An Act to Incorporate the United Hebrew Society of Baltimore,” Laws of Maryland, 1844, chap. 41, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.


Letter book.


Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.

Learsi, Jews in America

Rufus Learsi, The Jews in America: A History (N.Y., 1972).

Lebeson, JPA

Anita Libman Lebeson, Jewish Pioneers in America, 1492–1848 (N.Y., 1938).

Lebeson, Pilgrim People

Anita Libman Lebeson, Pilgrim People (N.Y., 1950).

Leeser, Catechism

Isaac Leeser, Catechism for Young Children (Phila., 1839).

Leeser, Claims

Isaac Leeser, The Claims of the Jews to an Equality of Rights, etc. (Phila., 1841).

Leeser Collection

Dropsie College, Merion, Pa. (Annenberg Research Institute for Judaic and New Eastern Studies) possesses a collection of Leeser material, some of which has disappeared. Many photocopies can be found in AJAr.

Leeser, Discourses

Isaac Leeser, Discourses on the Jewish Religion (10 vols., Phila., 1867–1868).

Leeser, Form of Prayers

Isaac Leeser (ed.), The Form of Prayers According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, etc. (6 vols., Phila., 1837–1838).

Leeser, Hebrew Reader

Isaac Leeser, Moreh Derekh … The Hebrew Reader: Hebrew and English, etc. (Phila., 1838).

Leeser, Holy Scriptures

Isaac Leeser (trans.), The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures (Phila., 1854).

Leeser, Instruction in the Mosaic Religion

Isaac Leeser, Instruction in the Mosaic Religion (Phila., 1830).

Leeser, Jews and the Mosaic Law

Isaac Leeser, The Jews and the Mosaic Law, etc. (Phila., 1834).

Lefler and Newsome, North Carolina

Hugh Talmage Lefler and Albert Ray Newsome, North Carolina: The History of a Southern State (Chapel Hill, N.C., 1954).

Letters of Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush, Letters of Benjamin Rush, ed. by L. H. Butterfield (2 vols., Princeton, N.J., 1951).

Levine, Am. Jew. Bibliography

Allen E. Levine, An American Jewish Bibliography … 1851 to 1875, etc. (Cincinnati, 1959).

Levy collection in Savannah

Sheftall papers in possession of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Levy of Savannah.

Lewis, “Cincinnati Jewish Businessmen”

Judy Lewis, “Cincinnati Jewish Businessmen, 1818–1840” (HUC term paper, 1977).

Lewis, Sunday Legislation

Abram Herbert Lewis, Sunday Legislation (rev. ed., N.Y., 1902).

Liebowitz, “Mikveh Israel of Philadelphia”

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American Hebraica and Judaica in the possession of Jacob Rader Marcus, Cincinnati.

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The Marcus Collections include transcripts of letters throwing light on American Jewish history.

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Maryland Historical Magazine.

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Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore.

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Minutes of Mickva [Mickve] Israel Congregation of Savannah, Georgia, 1790 to 1851, copy of MS in AJAr.

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Charter and Bye-Laws of Kaal Kadosh Mickve … Israel of the City of Philadelphia (Phila., 1824).

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Charter and By-Laws of Kaal Kadosh Mickve Israel … of the City of Philadelphia (Phila., 1841).

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Correspondence of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Phila., 1782–1899, copy of MS in AJAr.

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Minutes of the Board of Managers of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Phila., copy of MS in AJAr.

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Resolutions of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Phila., copy of MS in AJAr.

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Minute Books of the Board of Trustees and Records of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Phila., 1781–1895, copy of MS in AJAr.

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Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania (6 vols., Harrisburg, 1852–1853).

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Inventory of the Church and Synagogue Archives of Mississippi: Jewish Congregations and Organizations (Jackson, Miss., 1940).

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Constitution and By-Laws of the Hebrew Congregation Nitgy Israel of the City of Baltimore (Baltimore, 1830).

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Mordecai Manuel Noah, Correspondence and Documents relative to the Attempt to Negotiate for the Release of the American Captives at Algiers (Washington, D.C., 1816).

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Mordecai M. Noah, Discourse Delivered at The Consecration of the Synagogue K. K. Shearith Israel, etc. (N.Y., 1818).

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M. M. Noah, Discourse on the Restoration of the Jews: Delivered at the Tabernacle, Oct. 28 and Dec. 2, 1844 (N.Y., 1845).

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Mordecai Manuel Noah, Discourse on The Evidences of the American Indians Being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel (N.Y., 1837).

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New York Historical Society Library, N.Y.


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Persecution of the Jews in the East (Phila., 1840).

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A Review of the Late Controversies between the Rev. Isaac Leeser and the Congregation Mikveh Israel (Phila., 1850).

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Constitutions (1790, 1805, 1835) are found in Shearith Israel, N.Y., Minutes.

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Minutes and Correspondence of Congregation Shearith Israel, N.Y., microfilm copy of MS in AJAr.

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