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253 Part 10: Play BOOK MARKS Allan Kolski Horwitz Act 111 CORNELIA: (Slight pause.) I’ll give you one more chance. VISH: (Bows.) Best behaviour. (Smiling.) You haven’t known Stanton long, right? CORNELIA: Just a few weeks. VISH: Where did you meet? CORNELIA: Where else but in a bookshop. VISH: In the kiddies section. CORNELIA: No, it was the drama . . . STANTON: (Running in.) Oh, my God, there’s blood all over his shirt! VISH: Blood? 254 STANTON: All over his shirt. He ran in like a madman. He’s in the bathroom. CORNELIA: Does he need help? STANTON: I don’t know. He wouldn’t let me get close. MNCEDISI: (Shouts.) This country is totally insane! (Entering.) Hello! Hello, everyone! Greetings! (Bows and starts declaiming.) Another day in RSA eat your pap and eat your cake it’s make or break secure your stake in RSA shoot first, that’s the safest way or criminals will make you pay it’s old and new taking what they think’s their due the colour’s green no matter the dream take it quick and take it neat be the Chivas guy on your street that’s the way we play that’s the way the very cool play in RSA (They all clap.) STANTON: (Imitating MNCEDISI.) “From the moment I woke up I knew there was going to be hell to pay.” CORNELIA: That was wonderful. Did you write it yourself? VISH: Him! You want to hear a real poem, listen to this. (Starts declaiming in an exaggerated manner.) “They came from the West sailing to the 255 East with hatred and disease flowing from their flesh and a burden to harden our lives. They claimed to be friends when they found us friendly, and when foreigner met foreigner they fought for the reign, exploiters of Africa.” CORNELIA: Not even a clown can destroy a classic. VISH: Hey, lady, I told you to watch that little tongue of yours. STANTON: Peace, peace! You’re all magnificent! (Trying to embrace MNCEDISI.) Give me a hug. But . . . what the hell happened? Let me get you another shirt. MNCEDISI: No, not yet, Stannie. Let me first see who’s here. (To VISH.) Well, I’ll be damned, the all–powerful one who cools the hottest curry with his whisky breath. (Holds out his hand.) Looking good, my friend. Not too much flab. VISH: (Taking his hand.) Ja, keeping fit. MNCEDISI: Fit for what? Fit for what? (Continues pumping VISH’s hand aggressively.) CORNELIA: (To the audience.) Mister Naidoo, as I’ve heard from his very own mouth, is very, very fit. So fit he knows how to live just by wagging his tongue. He’s been telling me all about how to survive in the jungle. Especially how to survive bee stings. As in B.E.E. MNCEDISI: And you don’t support that idea? CORNELIA: How could I? I’m Nettie Hendrick’s daughter. MNCEDISI: Nettie’s daughter! How’s your mama? I hope she’s still a comrade. 256 CORNELIA: We fight a bit about that. I know she did a lot in the day but right now it’s not enough to just have opinions. Ag, and I don’t want to change the subject but seeing you’re all here now, and I don’t want to be rude, but from what I’ve heard, your famous NGO fell apart. Was that because of a lack of commitment? Or did you run out of money? STANTON: A bit of both. Everything was changing. MNCEDISI: The door we opened was shut in our faces. CORNELIA: I heard Comrade Slovo, in his wisdom, was one of the gatekeepers. But he wasn’t alone, hey. There plenty more of them to keep up the tradition. Take Msholozi – is he a comrade enemy or an enemy comrade? VISH: (TO MNCEDISI.) Never mind him. You’re the one who always want to make an impression. MNCEDISI: So these are . . . (Points to the bloody marks on his shirt.) . . . just for show? VISH: No, no, man. I’m referring to your poem, Julius. You’re dead bloody right. RSA. It’s either the ‘bullet or the bribe’. And that shirt of yours - it’s the blood of workers making a red flag. (To CORNELIA.) You see, he’s just come from moering a bunch of scabs. It was on CNN. Our bra here is going viral. MNCEDISI: You’ve got quite a reputation yourself. STANTON: For...


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