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247 WE ARE YOUNG Liketso Ramafikeng We’re up before the sun And we won’t sleep until we see the sun We’re the world’s daughters and sons We rock and roll the world because we own it It’s how we let them know; it is on! Ready or not here we come, you can’t hide. We chase the feel of liberation And gasp for civilisation But we don’t make the deal with the devil. We live today to write the stories That will be screened by our wrinkles tomorrow We make a mark that cannot be erased by neither space nor time. Let’s live in today and forget about the old news of yesterday And put the could bes of tomorrow on hold. We are officially larger than life now so Let’s build a ladder to the stars So that we don’t age without cause Because sooner or later it will all be gone. Let’s make a script-less movie in HD, With the world as our set, Set the stakes high and make it of a box office hit We have the same chorus With the stuck-up melody, Let’s sing to its beat And let the world feel the heat. Together, let’s sing it and say We are young Our names shall be passed down to the next generations. ...


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