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236 Dear Zygote, [an excerpt from The Zygote Epistles] Diane Raptosh Modern humans evolved only once—in what is likely East Africa, 200,000 years ago. So don’t freak when I shout out We share the same mama: Mitochondrial Eve. Unlike the ma’am in the Garden of Eden, mtEve was not the only woman on Earth, but someone who gamely made her descent into everyone. BTW mitochondrion is in a manner of speaking the US Department of Treasury plus a big power plant rolled into one organelle. It helps us shake a leg for ourselves. So pray-tell, pico homunculus, as the line from “Time of the Season” by the Zombies— that British Invasion band—goes, Who’s your daddy? Please know that should you come be, Big Data will quickly come see you as processing stream, a more or less numeral entity—lacking internal lyric: that giddiest hymnal-qua-solemn bee. That think-feeling fist. That inwit. Queerest iota, does this kind of talk smack of hokum-humanist seething on my part? Our shared mother mtEve was mostly a kink of statistics, a ringing quark of a person: a true lovely who probably knew to venerate horses. How to grow manifold leaves. Not sure how this will relate but in Sanskrit datta means 237 give, and the Zombies go on to wonder if your daddy’s rich or if he’s taken any time // to show you what you need to live. They want to know your name. Tell it to me slowly. It’s time to show—with pleasured hands—how love runs. ...


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