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234 Dear Africa Clarity R. Mapengo I sit here in my corner Wondering what exactly do you need? If love isn’t a one size fit all Then what is? Haven’t the past era worn off? Aren’t the chants on racism and colonialism Now just but an excuse To feed our stagnant minds What is Africa If not autocracy? We are here intertwined By the broken chains of the ‘colonial era’ How ironic is that? Choked by our own ropes Help me understand How we are stuck here From foreign slavery to enslaving our own Help me understand how we fail to love Beyond tribes, gender and nations If love isn’t the solution then what is? Those advocating for solidarity Solidarity in what exactly, I ask? A picket fence against a colonial era which is past Yet we find ourselves in the present Wrapped around in barbed wire by our own Africa I love Africa confuses me Perhaps I must stand in solidarity with self 235 Escape the reels of deceit and lies And cultivate a love A love no language can dispute A love no tribe can ignore A love no race cannot feel A love beyond our illusory flammable fences… Dear Africa I write to tell you this I stand in solidarity with LOVE For self and for all! ...


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