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Africanization and Americanization Anthology Volume 1: Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates meeting spaces Africa vs North America Edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka Africanization and Americanization Anthology Africa vs North America E dited by T endai R inos M wanaka Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd Chitungwiza Zimbabwe Africanization and Americanization Anthology, Volume 1: Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates meeting spaces, Africa Vs North America, comprises of 107 pieces from 43 poets, 4 essayists, 6 storytellers, and 1 playwright from North America and Africa regions. We have work from distinguished professors and leading theorists and researchers; Barbara Foley, Barbara Howard, Biko Agozino, poets; A.D Winans, Tim Hall, C Liegh McInnis, Nat Turner, Allan Kolski Horwitz, Changming Yuan, Tiel Aisha Ansari, Diane Raptosh, Wanjohi wa Makokha,storytellers;ParisSmith,ShereeRenéeThomas,andjournalists; Kenneth Weene and several other essayists, street poets, academicians, musicians, visual artists... The collection is vibrant, discursive, penetrating, and is invaluable to literary and language experts, poetry collections, social and human scientists, political theorists, race theorists, development practioners, students, general readers and many others Tendai Rinos Mwanaka is a publisher, editor, writer, mentor, visual artist and musical artist with close to 20 published books which include among others, Zimbolicious Poetry Anthology, Playing To Love’s Gallery, Counting The Stars, and many more here /tendai-rinos-mwanaka. He writes in English and Shona. His work has appeared in over 400 journals and anthologies from over 27 countries. Work has been translated into Spanish, French and German. ...


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