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227 to the usa Archie Swanson when i first travelled to the usa in 1987 it felt as though i was visiting the promised land escaping from the depths of south africa’s apartheid despair jfk’s multiple terminals a jet a minute the brusque new york cab driver in his canary yellow gas guzzler the turnpike and the imposing outline of manhattan our plaza hotel stay on central park horse-drawn carriages bearing happy honeymoon couples the barman scoffing loudly at my attempted 10% cent tip television with endless channels jimmy swaggart preaching to hooker-loving sinners 24/7 staten island ferry churning screws ginger-haired irish american crews umberto’s clam bar in little Italy where crazy joe was gunned down yankee stadium how’re you doing today? the cheerful greeting from the pretty diner waitress the new york times sunday edition and bottomless coffee on a rainy sunday morning - steam drifting up from manhole covers falling asleep jet-lagged during les misérables on broadway rush hour traffic at 1 am wood-panelled benson hotel in portland oregan throwback from the lumber baron days clam chowder the willamete river splitting oregan down the middle white capped mount hood dominating the sky rodeo pro steve coleman’s daughter barrel racing on her favourite horse white horse saloon rib-eye steaks hanging over the edges of our plates 228 real cowboys and girls long arm dancing on a busy friday night the mighty columbia river salmon ladders writhing with chinook yakima apple orchards and hop yards stretching to the hot horizon climbing up the winding road to seattle via mount rainier the tough looking ranger at our mountaintop stop in her khaki shirt and broad-brimmed hat douglas firs standing straight as giant organ pipes whistling in the breeze my first glimpse of the mighty pacific ocean thunderbird airport motel united airlines 747 pinning me to my seat ...


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