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212 Africa From Poet To The Poor John Kaniecki Africa she cannot part Her home is in my heart You tore me from my love to have me hated Chained on a slave ship I was degraded Sent to harsh toil in a foul wicked land Whipped and beaten by an arrogant hand Mothers raped, children sold on the auction block I was made like an animal another of the stock But in my soul through soft whispers we spoke We never forgot her despite our iron yoke Shine on Africa shine on so all can see I will fight for I must be free I am not a slave but a prince noble and grand I am from Africa cannot you understand See my skin dark brown it is not a shame You hate my spirit; you’ve but your evil to blame Africa, they brought me here to bind me in a cage I have awoken, you will learn my rage Shine on Africa fulfill our destiny There will be no peace until you are one with me Africa such are the lessons you teach Africa your sweetness is now within reach ...


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