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203 Heartbeat Sibusiso Ernest Masilela The rhythm of intrinsic music Beats from cowhide drums Banging ricochets in my ears all day long Nostalgia of raging fires and ritual gatherings Just when we sang ditties for days and nights Making descants to our forefathers So their epitome can rise and speak with us And tell us more about our African roots We danced barefoot in winter nights On hollow grounds near sacred shrines Raising questions with no answers Praising our ancestry while beating drums Our heartbeats pounding epithelium raising eyebrows Stirring faith reflecting our cultural rudiments Never minding all our neighbours’ gossip Carrying traditions envisioning miracles to befall Grandpas sharing ancient stories to the new generation Grannies crafting beads-jewellery for their progenies Mothers brew sorghum beer and catering African cuisine Fathers sipping on the calabash and doing ritual dances Soon our teen sisters will march to test for their virginity Brothers gape pinnacles and hum mantras for their initiation Somewhere we have lost our ethos and birth right on the way Though we wouldn't let Africa’s pride slip away from our hands It is our home; it will forever stay in our hearts and in our minds The drum-beat is the heartbeat of Africa. ...


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