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201 “I can’t understand all the things people say. Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay?” From “Controversy” by Prince Is There a Difference Between Purple and Grape? From Matters of Reality: Body, Mind, and Soul C. Liegh McInnis The crookedly contrived complexity of color is as American as colonization and apple pie. Rights and Wrongs are Siamese hybrids of the (T)ruth. Black and White exist in the Lego dimensions of need. Certainties exist in the muddy monetary liquidations of emotions for units of time that are sold like soiled dreams. [i] guess it’s political what truths with which we sleep. Even the eyes of my soul are unable to focus the vibrating barometer between social awareness and political agenda. It’s much like the relation of purple to grape or even their plummet in the fashion polls to lavender. [i] mean, is cream a dirty white? Or, is tan a mulatto brown? All my human boxes clutter my attic where my naiveté is pimped and turned into a pious platform, yet my sanity is balanced on the three card monte of simplification, deception, and ideological assimilation. Purple is a crayon, grape is a fruit drink, and lavender is the curtains my wife bought. What’s scary is that [i] understand the understood difference of people painting. Yet, [i] still don’t know if cream is dirty, 202 and if using political Purex constitutes selling out. What parties have to be crossed before color changes, before midnight Black is pearl Black, or “Thurgood” Black is “Clarence” Black, especially with the confusion of fabric and hue? Most of my outfits are mixed matched. There are no purely indigenous colors. All Americans are mongrels, mutts if you prefer. ...


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