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156 That song will surely trend! Kariuki wa Nyamu our people, if only you’d assent to remember the past I’d sing you a song a song that’d explore our scars of slavery a song that’d delineate horrors of times past a song that’d probe prejudice over class and colour a song that’d philosophize discourses of gender and post-coloniality a song that’d defamiliarize western representations of Africa a song that’d scrutinize historicity of our struggles a song that’d locate our peace, love and unity a song that’d deconstruct thee a song that’d write back to self oh, I tell you that song will surely trend! our people, if we’d sing that song we’d surely decolonize minds and deviate from misconstruction of history to what we’ve before now seen seeing our sweat, devoured seeing our dreams, shattered seeing our pains, disregarded seeing our offspring, disgraced 157 seeing our ideals, rubbished but that notwithstanding for over the years we’ve heroically stood ill will scolding racial bigotry sadism sexual misuse impunity seclusion human trafficking homicide oh, I tell you we’ve indeed shouldered a thousand burdens yoking the States thus this time round we claim fair hearing for this is our land too and nobody will ever kick us out oh, I tell you that song will surely trend! our people, if only you’d assent to remember the past we’d foreground narrativisation of Self and Other yes, we’d problematize emigration and alienation we’d interrogate departures we’d articulate the phenomenon of dissidence and rethink the polity of discontent and there in, we’d situate our thoughts, still being traded yes, we’d never more be thrust, out of summits, never be coerced, to execute ghastly crimes 158 never be branded, drug traffickers never to possess illegal firearms thus callously persecuted I tell you, that song would theorize our post-modern consciousness and even structure our political power Indeed, myriad dynamics would be contextualized oh, I tell you that song will surely trend! but our people, on this day let’s just choose to salvage our rightful sense of honour let’s construct our banner of liberation and the world over will certainly celebrate our s p a c e and voice! until then, our people, let’s shape the thematic paradigms and stylistically formulate our song of resilience of reconciliation of precision of empowerment of integrity and emancipation for this I know that song will surely trend! ...


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