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149 PART 6: Migrants, Irritants, Aliens and Assimilation FROM EXILE TO INXILE Wanjohi wa Makokha I. Vodka bottles stand still near rims Of a counter built from memories They are as empty as I am full... Recently they fed me like a baby Suckled me…to a place of peace A place hidden under my breasts This is the place where I reside In moments like this, of infancy, When I return to our homeland Recalling toyishly, life instances, hidden ones, buried like families Or a republic slain by a civil war… I see these bottles of dependence As I once saw…breasts of Mother, Yes, both have fortified me in spirit. Mum is dead…yet I hear her voice Come alive through country music Here in a land of exile, winters away II. When I was the infant inside of me, I recall now, she who mothered me 150 Offered us one song full of comfort, In the deserts that we lived crossing Oh…that song was to me a country... Reminisce, this country…now in me: Wildlife and dunes and all around us! Mother and stars dancing with us all! To symphonies mundane yet so divine! That's before the reign of AK47s, came… III. Now here in the free land of Obama, My mind dances with bottleish spirits And, I cry not the cry of intoxication Most cry here…huggging…strangers! I cry, for in me, stirs a country song… It is a song mum sang me, to sleep It is the song father sang to death The song of a country I carry within A country song almost lost Mummy called it: Soomaaliyey, toosoo? NOTES: 1. Soomaliyey, toosoo - Somalia, Wake Up (National anthem of Republic of Somalia from 2000-2012) 2. ...


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