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60 Decolonized Arika Elizenberry You claim to be decolonized, but on Sunday you polish off your shoes & tote your bible to church. As you recite verses of love & forgiveness - it brings you comfort believing God is loving, stern, & that you'd be nothing without Him. Nothing... Was what your great-grandpa thought filling great-grandma's belly with his seed as she silently prayed to the same God he forced on her. When blood gushed from her body seven times over, their children were sold to the highest bidder, because it was His will. Your mind rejects her pain having had to toil in the Big House to survive, but readily accept Jesus's salvation on your knees drinking from His goblet. It must taste delicious like communion wine, but not like the salty tears streaming from your grandpa's face with a bloody whip to his back as he wished for God to spare him mercy. 61 You ignore his terrifying cries over the incessant clapping and shouting, but you embrace why grandpa named your mother Mary. God had spared him mercy when she was born. Her skin paler than his own, matched that of the Virgin Queen. Three centuries have passed & you're still obedient to Master's religion. The shackles were removed , but not from your mind. ...


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