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54 Mama Millipede Rogers Atukunda Madam calls her maid just like any other pet Little ones call her Milly or mama when Madam is out Mama because it’s her food whose taste they know Mama because she is last face at bedtime and first at dawn Mama has now finished dishes, cooked, scrubbed, washed She watches as her rented kids race, roll in muddy yard Mama’s mind races back home A shovel, dirty beddings, few utensils Sickness here, hunger there, despair all over Young Miserabo caught a cough last night His dad on drinking spree since coal mine cut all pay Hopulesi, torn uniform, haggard look, left school ‘They bully me mama, they laugh at my rags,’ she cries Mama’s borrowed kids stop to watch a strange creature Patched on their mama’s lap, whimpering Just in time, Madam pulls up in the leafy yard Waving her hand, nose up as if smelling a foul stench Mama quickly shoos off her own daughter Eyes pleading both for her job and daughter’s love Now mama slumps onto the veranda A whirlwind of thoughts, thoughts on life Where toil brings no joy Where pains bring no gains Where insanity overrules sanity Leaving despair to suppress happiness A world where negatives outweigh positives Suffering, suffocation, sorrow, Deprivation, disillusionment and disease 55 Make death a much treasured option An exciting miserable struggle So futile and meaningless No hope, no aim of living Mere passing of partial life Mere preparation for perishing Mere titbits of procreation Or perhaps a struggle to keep oxygen prisoner Wronging on the innocent Subduing the helpless Murdering the weak and defenceless As all prepare for the equalizer To equate haves to have-nots, The powerful to the powerless A sacrifice to soil and bacteria. ...


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