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52 THE RHYTHM OF EPIPHANY NURENI Ibrahim because the snowy-fur was dotted with black spots the ALBINOS (of the earthly kingdom) loathed their mouths with bridles. Dreams were broached to earth the plantation. Hen birthed three eggs and loaded them all; in the corridors of SLAVE deal: because the horse ceased to whirl ships drove them all to the Atlantic Trade. Women remained to fertile the plantation: ONCE the cloud gathered her children and liberated freedom for the stars the black-horses swift up and down: because the BLACKS belched hunger after the proclamation’s chants the “bottom” became their abodes: to weigh more condiment for the hills of the wretched ALBINOS: because their elbows and knees were stained Lily’s eyes conjured the bells of “Jim Crow” to mound mulatooes into a distant cemetery: then, a schoolboy craved: “am I a nigga, mulatoo or what? why has my flesh ceased to be snowed? where are the shadows of our fore-fathers?” 53 these questions teased tears for answers: the WHITES could not find answers the BLACKS could not find answers even my poem is still searching for a verse, to answer these questions: and when this poem is chanted to their miserable ears or all their blue eyes sighted it. They say: the poet is a racist… ALAS! this rhythm of epiphany unmasks their memories, to the terrors of the historic cabin ...


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