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49 ANOTHER MAN DONE GONE NURENI Ibrahim For Edward O. Abah my dream drives me back to the tours of slavery: those portraits of headlong, bridles and chains; those images of air & death that grow behind my throats what is a man’s joy, when He bargains to sell a black & hire another and women reign in the plantation, behind the paradox of miscegenation, To mud more mulatooes. What is a man’s joy to have a child & sell it for her great grandmother’s sins the blacks have no weapon, To rumble in the hostility with the albinos & their albumens they suffer for the felony of silence, And the aliens who filch their thoughts & hide it on the valleys for the feign of love ones, For the blacks or browns in a tyranny of slavery “i have a news, good news for You” my master tells me one day after i work on the farm i then re-imagine the shelters of snake & the petals of rusting leaves that echo the spring i re-imagine the scourge of harmattan & the thorns and spines beneath the plantation another omnivorous act runs through my thought, Perhaps a new man is set to go again what good does he give, After giving another black the bottomland, In the irony of luck he then calls me again: “i have a news, good news for You” “another man done gone” i ask 50 “those African crafts and silly thing again” he replies i echoes to my thoughts, those that slay my mate alive, And i wake up from slumber i see those bloods that have no root & i sing again with a bank of rivers on my eyes: another man done gone… ...


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