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35 PART 2: Slave Trade Vessels of Dreams Tendai Rinos Mwanaka And they leave the darkness in their own darkness. They unleave that place that is unnamed. They leave that being there. They unleave the unsaid, undone here. They leave some details, lost. They unleave memories that remained vivid and clear. They unleave their memories like a carry in arithmetic. They leave answers hidden in moonlight of memories. They leave the moon migrating to the south. They unleave the jazz of the sun. They leave the wind that carries waterless clouds. They leave footsteps that can never step. They unleave their footsteps in their sleep. They leave a thousand and one nights to dream. They unleave the source of so much reaching the other side of this night. They leave quite views of places left and paths imagined. They leave the underground railroads of their minds. They unleave the overground railroads of their hearts. They leave the road that seemed to twist and turn on its way to an African address. They unleave the bridge that has waited to connect them. They leave their boat on the mooring. They unleave their boat out at sea. They leave the font. They unleave the wishing well. They leave hours’ flavours of silence. They unleave living in defiance. They leave the pink fresh scars of new mistakes. They unleave pimples of innocence. They unleave the aloneness of being separate from others. They leave the girls to become women so that they might return back to harvest wives. They unleave the crops of a drought year that they have now reaped. They leave maize stalks that were Indian summer scarlet and burgundy. They leave the bears of yesteryear to be with men they have cropped. They unleave the bear’s soup can. They unleave whatever that doesn’t pretend. They leave rooms small enough to 36 hold all of them as they prayed. They unleave the names of all those who have been washed downstream, interrogating God, “where the hell were you when our lives were hurt?” They unleave these prayers, needing separate rooms. ...


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