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33 On footpath with long eye of history Rogers Atukunda Ages ago, as NYMPHS on a plain we trod Fog, darkness, sunshine and rain mystified the road Nonetheless, a merry INNOCENT PATH Stainless, upright and descent At the foot of the hill stood DESTINY A train of ADOLESCENCE On one rail treading TEEN On another penetrating a distant UNKNOWN TRENDS stood by the doorway, dressed in a provocative perfumed attire; Torn on knees, underwear-like, half-naked Chewing leaves and inhaling toxic stuff Swallowing pills and eating a fruit with gloves Not to get an upset swelling stomach And we joined the bandwagon Up the hill we started, I mean, were sheepishly led All the way up, TRENDS promised us paradise And we could not wait whatsoever The ecstasy, freedom and selfhood were quite alluring A galaxy of glittering stones hang in the air Oo, everything was real cool Suddenly, the imagined glittering stones started to fall Cutting through the skin like a razor Our friends were cast off the train We could hear their yells reverberating in adjacent hills Then we panicked and desperately called for help No one was there but ourselves we had left the elders in their primitive valley or they had no such stigma embedded in us 34 the train ascended on full speed and we clang on regretfully up, up it whined and coughed and then, abruptly, it started descending we panicked once again craning forwards, we could see the valley of darkness, down instinctively, some of us jumped off but most of our friends were unlucky and they disappeared down the gorge while elders watched with the long eye of history then on a slippery cliff we hang dangling helpless, in a dilemma peeping down in the dark, waiting waiting for the worldly winds to blow the last stage to our dramatic lives. ...


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