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27 A TRUMP POSTCARD TO TRUMP Wanjohi wa Makokha I: you see the reason why radios burned are in a republic my mind once lived in, is not because they spread gossip, that patience can stone soups cook or slander, or speak pieces of news or even because they eat batteries, or sing our national anthem wrongly, no reporting unreal obituaries as poetry no reciting religious quatrains of qiyama no or even because radio is not ... halal. NO. II: you say: the reason why radios are burned has something to do with freedom in republics where free radios rule. they wake citizens up like the sun. they speak sexily also, till all sleep this is either after binges of sighs or after dinner, homework or work. they also don't overthrow regimes. they don't coordinate genocides too in short, they don't do all these, dude. so your radio genocides understand I do. YES? 28 III: i say the reason, why radios burned are like men frustrating ideas of peace, in that republic fled by my families, truest reason, why radios killed are, no matter how democratic they are or even how dictatorial they all are! in that fatherland afar, fled by all ah! (sigh) is because, radios come in all shapes, in these times of our dying Dictators: invisiblular, circular, even triangular fantabularkha! even pentagonular! NEVER rectangular! like the shapes of graves, radios once had, shared. (sigh) never ever rectangular, ever ever, never rectangular...the sad shape. never ever rectangular, ever ever, never rectangular...that evil shape. never ever rectangular, ever ever, never rectangular...that shape kha! of graves, all radios once reflected, in that land, of our Arab Revolution. yes... ...


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