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16 Sizobuya-We shall return Mbizo chirasha 1 We shall return to our land, burning with copper and gold We shall return to banish chefs from eating freedom alone on behalf of the people Sizobuya-we shall return singing the reggae of another revolution We shall return- sizobuya, jazzing the jazz of another liberation We shall return licking the wounds of juba Sizobuya- we shall return, fluting xylophones to the spirits of the lands We shall return for mongers smoking the political rolled tobacco Sizobuya , for heartless fatcats goofing our conscience We shall return for xenophobia and mfacane We shall return, sizobuya 11 We are tired of seeing freedom widows with cracked hopes and patched dreams We shall return to pick the last wrinkle of the land, to eat the bullet and to dress the rot We shall return to chew the mist and to chew the cold We shall return, to eat the sun and to swallow the moon. Sizobuya- America, we shall return to toil for your rich unborn babies-America! We shall return to Guyana for our sweat in millet acres and tobacco hectares We shall return egoli, sizobuya, for the gold under your skin We shall return for the sun to fart light and chase the mist We shall return beating vumbuza drums, appeasing those who died in the seas in the age of time. Sizobuya, we shall return, armed with memories, love and another hate, another paradox 17 And silence We shall return humming the village tune, the song of the griots We shall return with babies clung in our bottoms, To harvest lizards and ants on the beach of emeralds We shall return to plant the freedom tree again and feed the povo We shall return to dig the revolutionary gold again and feed the masses We shall return again to chase the baboons, whose pockets are wet with the sweat of the people Sizobuya- we shall return! ...


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