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10 The STRESS goes on... and on... and on... Tim Hall In ‘67 the Blacks of Detroit Rose up in a great rebellious exploit And told the rich man’s brutal cop That racist brutality had to stop. But the rich bloodsucker sees only the buck -For Black or poor he don’t give a fuck. He put the people back in a mess With a killer-cop unit by the name of STRESS. STTRESS killed 20 Black kids and men Till the masses threatened to rebel again So the rich decided a Black Young administration Would pacify this dangerous situation. Blacks came on the force and they were trained So that many learned to beat and maim, While the white STRESS cops were allowed to stay To club and cattle-prod in their old brutal way. Blacks were told that things were fine, Black government officials would keep cops in line, But this freedom won was a false impression. Black faces, high places -- same old oppression! The white STRESS cops continued their career Of beating and killing and spreading fear. They beat to death a young black male, Then cattle-prodded him in the Fort St. Jail. 11 The Black cops, too, joined this brutal scene, Killed Dartavian Sampson and Donzell Dean. The Black officials imitated the white And turned their heads from this terrible sight. Then Rodney King was beat in L.A. And his video’d clubbers got away So the L.A. Blacks and poor rose up With rocks and fire and shouted “STOP!” This call reverberated throughout the nation For Black and poor folks’ liberation. But back in Detroit, “Starsky and Hutch” Continued to beat with that old STRESS touch. On a Thursday night Malice Green Whose crime (they claim) was to be seen Grabbing his glovebox with a balled-up hand Was beaten till he could not stand. White STRESS cop Nevers and his buddy Budzyn Clubbed the life out of Malice Green While SGT. Freddie Douglas, the Black boss cop, Said “Take it easy” but didn’t say “Stop!” The young black worker sat dying in the street With his head bashed in by that old STRESS beat. All the neighbors and even the EMS Declared that they were a murder witness. The cops are the club of the ruling class To beat and control the working class. You or they may be Black or white -They ’ll still beat your head in the dark of night. 12 So Black folks, working folks, we’d better unite Cause we ace a long and bitter fight Against the whole rich man’s Establishment And his racist, brutal government! ...


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