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1 PART 1: Institutional Racism, Leadership and Governance PRIMARY FACTS Allan Kolski Horwitz ‘Introduction to Marxism’ – workshop for civic activists held in a junior school classroom at Bramfischerville, Johannesburg (December, 2012) Faces alert but after the first words turn away regard other things other sights distant but close thoughts take over the classroom who can understand this life beyond the needs for food shelter warmth power and the great mating emotion? Outside a running a screaming for means masses marching for basics police and lawyers bargain with teargas and half-truths the new black rulers legislate predatorial combat deny sharing is more efficient and useful than hoarding and lording the faces in front of me now swing to the mine dumps next to their small houses the shacks on which dumps spew dust at spring’s start mining company will not grass them nor give them up but the community is organized and here i am in this place of glaring need to play a part in widening breaking the bounds 2` the want the absence the still-born the limping barely believed ambition and i wonder: can i really add? spin concrete from theory for spiritual grandeur build it on funeral-meat queues joblessness fatty chicken soggy with brine rat shit random fathers soap opera cheap washing powder despite the handshakes of old neighbours and the hurried breathing of first love and some success in keeping blacklisting from the door and can i fill out and bring to life words class privilege corruption revolution resistance decay decency pride having regard to generations of anointers and usurpers hero worshippers and betrayers generations of take and take more genocide migration stock theft and insurrection Looking about the room i imagine Marx and Engels watching the white drawn faces of the sons and daughters of working England those armies of stunted black toothed laborers trudging back to their hovels in the gloom of gaslight the two grey bearded emancipators silently counting the thin ribs under their coal-stained rags and then facing this class room what would they say to this gathering of Africans newly freed of the yoke of slavers and kings? how would they advise these newly commoditized? these workers and their managers still laughed at by the captains of spice ships oil tankers and the mineral world 3 would they still urge a dictatorship of the dispossessed? the centralized certainty of enlightened self- interest? would they have the strength to thrash the comprador class as it cruises? and to make certain train a bald security service to guard the Liberation? Mention of Fanon has driven talk to revolutionary violence Azania has many martyrs the rhetoric canonizing their blood-soaked vests cannot tarnish their heroism even as the Big Men Mbeki Zuma self-destruct then talk turns to tenderpreneurship those dining out business class/affirmative class on the gravy train is that not first choice for the ‘colonized mind’ ignorant of Biko’s Black Consciousness? but what has this to do with you white boy? you who cannot tolerate the notion of killing for freedom can your philosophy free people of colour? can there be colour-blind bondage? what right have you to speak? you with your silver spoon and degrees An hour before lunch the citizen-workers of Bramfischerville talk about what they wish to change and so heal the stress lines fracturing their lives 4 thereafter the soul will digest policy plan sewers and tar roads many other ‘deliveries’ to this township on the edge of Africa’s grandest ‘boom and bust’ city this township pledging loyalty to a legacy naming itself in his honour but who was Bram Fischer? who was the man who carried this name? and i describe that white Afrikaner Marxist who lived his principles spent many years above and underground defying the racists spent many years in jail once they caught him and affirm: he is with us today in spirit and he is still saying: ‘What is needed is for White South Africans to shake themselves out of their complacency, a complacency intensified by the present economic boom built upon racial discrimination. Unless this whole intolerable system is changed radically and rapidly, disaster must follow. Appalling bloodshed and civil war will become inevitable because, as long as there is oppression of a majority, such oppression will be fought with increasing hatred.’ and i add: accept nothing blindly from figures of authority spend time with your family organize your community find the powers...


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