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Earliest Sources of Han Yüeh-Fu Cited

Pan Ku (AD 32–92), Han shu (History of the Han)
     Chapter 22     Songs for Suburban Sacrifice, in 19 Parts: (8) The Horse of Heaven; We Have Chosen a Timely Day; Lord God Draws Nigh; Greening Yang; Scarlet Brilliance; West White-light; Darkness Obscure; Lo! Holy Creator
  Chapter 27   Well-water Overflows; Crooked Paths; Swallow, Swallow
  Chapter 29   The Song of Cheng-Pai Ditch
Ssu-ma Piao (AD 240–306), Hsü Han shu (Continuation of the History of the Han)
  Chapter 16   Straight as a Bowstring; Short Wheat; Crows on City Walls; The Song Tung Flees!
Ts’ui Pao (fl. AD 290–306), Ku chin chu (Record of Things Ancient and Modern)
  Chapter 2   Dew on the Shallot; Artemisia Village
Shen Yüeh (AD 441–512), Sung shu (History of the Southern Sung)
  Chapter 21   South of the River; Light in the East; Cocks Crow; A Crow Bore Eight or Nine Chicks; East of Flat Mound; The Ballad Tung Peach (Flees!); Along the Embankment (long version, attrib. Ts’ao Ts’ao); How Wonderful! A Ballad; East Gate Ballad (long version); A Yen Song, The Lo-fu Ballad (Mulberry on the Bank); West Gate Ballad (long version); The Ballad of Breaking Willow; A Yen Song, Whenever (The Whenever Ballad, Swans); A Yen Song, The Whenever Ballad (Whenever Will I Be Quite Happy); Song of Melancholy (Ballad of); The Ballad of the Prefect of Goosegate; The White Head Lament (long version)
  Chapter 22   The King of Huai-nan Ballad (p’ien); Vermilion Ibis; We Fought South of the City Wall; Mount Wu is High; Up the Mound; The One I Love; I Lean from the High Terrace
Hsiao T’ung (AD 501–531) et al., Wen hsüan (Anthology of Literature)
  Chapter 27   Watering Horses at a Long Wall Hole; Heartache, A Ballad; A Long Song Ballad (no. 1)
Hsü Ling (AD 507–583), Yü-t’ai hsin-yung (New Songs from a Jade Terrace)
  Chapter 1   They Met (A Ballad); The Lunghsi Ballad; A Yen Song, A Ballad (Swallows); White as Mountaintop Snow (The White Head Lament, short version); Flying This Way Two White Swans (An Old Ballad, Two White Swans)210
  Chapter 2   Along the Embankment Ballad (attrib. Ts’ao P’ei or Empress Chen, short version)
Ou-yang Hsün (AD 557–641) et al., I-wen lei-chü (Compendium of Literature)
  Chapter 27   A Long Song Ballad (no. 3, fragment)
  Chapter 81   A Long Song Ballad (no. 2, incomplete)
  Chapter 86   The Pomelo, An Old Poem (fragment)
  Chapter 88   A Yen Song, A Ballad (On South Mountain’s rocks sheer, sheer)
  Chapter 89   The Yü-chang Ballad (fragment)
Li Shan (d. AD 689) et al., Commentary on the Wen hsüan, Anthology of Literature
  Chapter 18   The Old Song of Sighs (The Date-tree)
  Chapter 28   The Old Fierce Tiger Ballad
Hsü Chien (AD 659–729) et al., Ch’u hsüeh chi (Notes for Beginning Students)
  Chapter 30   The Butterfly (fragment)
Li Fang (AD 925–996) et al.‚ T’ai-p’ing yü-lan (Imperial Survey of the T’ai-p’ing Era)
  Chapter 25   An Old Song (Autumn winds sough and sigh, fragment); An Old Song, Eight Changes (fragment)
Kuo Mao-ch’ien (fl. AD 1084–1126), Yüeh-fu shih chi (Anthology of Yüeh-fu Poetry)
  Chapter 25   At Fifteen
  Chapter 26   The Harp Lay
  Chapter 30   A Long Song Ballad (nos. 2 and 3)
  Chapter 34   The Yü chang Ballad
  Chapter 35   In Ch’angan There is a Narrow Lane
  Chapter 37   Walking out of Hsia Gate, A Ballad; West Gate Ballad (short version); East Gate Ballad (short version)
  Chapter 38   The Ballad of Shang-liu-t’ien; The Ballad of the Orphan Boy; The Ballad of the Ailing Wife
  Chapter 41   The Lament of Liang-fu
  Chapter 61   The Butterfly
  Chapter 62   The Sad Song Ballad
  Chapter 74   A Withered Fish
Feng Wei-no (d. AD 1572), Ku shih chi (Notes on Ancient Poetry)
  Chapter 20   The Pomelo, An Old Poem; If in a High Field
Chang Chih-hsiang (AD 1496–1577), Ku shih lei yüan (Garden of Old Poetic Genres)
  Chapter 45   An Old Eight Changes Song; An Old Yen Song; An Old Song

Note: Two excellent reference works identify the sources of old anonymous songs, Suzuki, Research, pp. 286–96, and Lu Ch’in-li, Poetry of the Ch’in, Han, etc., Vol. 1, passim. I have not always agreed with their citations.

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