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  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Chronological Table
  6. Foreword
  7. Maps
  8. Han China
  9. The Bureau of Music in Ch’angan
  10. Introduction
  11. Chapter One Hymns
  12. We Have Chosen a Timely Day
  13. Lord God Draws Nigh
  14. Greening Yang
  15. Scarlet Brilliance
  16. West White-light
  17. Darkness Obscure
  18. Lo! Holy Creator
  19. The Horse of Heaven
  20. The Song of Cheng-Pai Ditch
  21. The Ballad of the Prefect of Goosegate
  22. Chapter Two Fables in Verse
  23. Vermilion lbis
  24. South of the River
  25. Young Pheasant Fancy-plume
  26. A Crow Bore Eight or Nine Chicks
  27. If in a High Field
  28. The Fierce Tiger Ballad
  29. An Old Ballad, Two White Swans
  30. A Yen Song, The Whenever Ballad
  31. The Butterfly
  32. A Withered Fish
  33. Song of Sighs, The Date-Tree
  34. A Yen Song, A Ballad
  35. The Yü-chang Ballad
  36. The Pomelo, An Old Poem
  37. Chapter Three The Elixir of Life
  38. Up the Mound
  39. A Long Song Ballad, no. 2
  40. The Ballad Tung Flees!
  41. The Song of Tung Peach
  42. The King of Huai-nan Ballad
  43. Walking out of Hsia Gate, A Ballad
  44. An Old Yen Song
  45. Chapter Four Carpe Diem
  46. How Wonderful! A Ballad
  47. A Long Song Ballad, no. 1
  48. Song of Melancholy
  49. A Yen Song, The Whenever Ballad
  50. West Gate Ballad, long version
  51. West Gate Ballad, short version
  52. ‘Nineteen Old Poems’
  53. Chapter Five Burial Songs
  54. Dew on the Shallot
  55. Artemisia Village
  56. The Lament of Liang-fu
  57. Chapter Six Political Broadsides
  58. Well-water Overflows
  59. Crooked Paths
  60. Swallow, Swallow
  61. East of Flat Mound
  62. Straight as a Bowstring
  63. Short Wheat
  64. Crows on City Walls
  65. The Song Tung Flees!
  66. The Ballad of Breaking Willow
  67. Chapter Seven Anti-war Ballads and Songs
  68. Light in the East
  69. We Fought South of the City Wall
  70. Watering Horses at a Long Wall Hole
  71. At Fifteen I Joined the Army
  72. Chapter Eight Domestic Drama
  73. The Ballad of the Orphan Boy
  74. The Ballad of the Ailing Wife
  75. East Gate Ballad, long version
  76. East Gate Ballad, short version
  77. The Ballad of Shang-liu-t’ien
  78. Chapter Nine Homeward Thoughts
  79. An Old Eight Changes Song
  80. An Old Song
  81. A Long Song Ballad, no. 3
  82. Mount Wu is High
  83. The Sad Song Ballad
  84. Chapter Ten Love Songs
  85. Almighty on High!
  86. I Lean from the High Terrace
  87. The One I Love
  88. The Harp Lay
  89. Along the Embankment, long version
  90. Along the Embankment, short version
  91. The White Head Lament, long version
  92. The White Head Lament, short version
  93. A Yen Song, A Ballad
  94. Heartache, A Ballad
  95. Chapter Eleven The Ideal Home and Perfect Marriage
  96. Cocks Crow
  97. They Met‚ A Ballad
  98. In Ch’angan There is a Narrow Lane
  99. Mulberry on the Bank
  100. The Lunghsi Ballad
  101. Appendices
  102. I Shen Yüeh’s Four Categories of Melodic Pieces
  103. II Kuo Mao-ch’ien’s Twelve Categories of Yüeh-Fu
  104. III Earliest Sources of Han Yüeh-Fu Cited
  105. Bibliography
  106. Index

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