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Moving Up in the New Economy CAREER LADDERS FOR U.S. WORKERS Joan Fitzgerald A CENTURY FOUNDATION BOOK ILR Press AN IMPRINT OF Cornell University Press Ithaca and London THE CENTURY FOUNDATION The Century Foundation, formerly the Twentieth Century Fund, sponsors and supervises timely analyses of economic policy, foreign affairs, and domestic political issues. Not-for-profit and nonpartisan. it was founded in HlHJ and endowed by Edward A. Filene. Board of Tmstees of The Century Foundation H. Brandt Ayers Richard C. Leone Peter A. A. Berle Jessica Tuchman Mathews Alan Brinkley, Chairnwll Alicia H. Munnell Joseph A. Califano. Jr. P. Michael Pitfield Alexander Morgan Capron John Podesta Hodding Carter III Richard Ravitch Edward E. Dmid, Jr. Alan Sagner Brewster C. Denny Arthur l\1. Sclrlesinger, Jr. Christopher Edley, Jr Harvey I. Sloane, M.D. Clrarks V Hamilton Theodore C. Sorensen Malina S. Homer Kathleen M. Sullivan Lewis B. Kaden Shirley Williams James A. Leach William Julius Wilson Richard C. Leone, President Copyright © 2006 by The Century Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations in a review, this book, or parts thereo( must not he reproduced in any form \vithout pennission in "1iting from the publisher. For information, address Cornell universil) Press, Sage House, 512 East State Street, Ithaca, New York 14850. First published 2oo6 by Cornell Universil)' Press Printed in the United States of America Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Fitzgerald, Joan, Ph. D. Moving up in the new economy; career ladders f(Jr U.S. workers I Joan Fitzgerald. p. em. "A Century Foundation book." Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN-13: 978-o-8014-4413-5 (cloth; alk. paper) ISBN-1o: o-8014-4413-6 (doth: alk. paper) 1. Career development-United States. 2. Occupational mobilityUnited States. 3· Occupational training-United States. I. Title. HF538z.s.UsFs4 2oo6 331.702'0973-dc22 2005025048 Cornell University Press strives to use en\lironmenta1ly responslble suppliers and materials to the fullest extent possible in the publishing of its hooks. Such materials include vegetable-based, low-VOC inks and acid-free papers that are recycled, totally chlorine-free, or partly composed of nonwood fibers. For fmther iufonnation, \isit our website at Cloth printing 10987654321 To the merrwry ofRobert Mier and Bennett Harrison, whose love, courage, and integrity will always guide me ...


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