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vContents Contributors Preface Walter G. Davis Foreword Lois S. Gray Introduction Barbara M. Wertheimer PART I. DESIGNING PROGRAMS 1. Labor Education and Women Workers: An Historical Perspective Joyce L. Kornbluh and Lyn Goldfarb 2. Promoting and Recruiting: Reaching the Target Audience Frieda Shoenberg Rozen 3. The Short Course Rochelle Semel 4. Conferences: The One-Day Model Joyce L. Kornbluh and Hy Kornbluh 5. Training Rank and File Leaders: A Case Study Marjorie B. Rachlin 6. Credit Programs for Working Women Katherine Schrier 7. Residential Schools Barbara M. Wertheimer 8. Evaluating Programs for Working Adults Maria-Luz D. Samper and Stanley Rosen PART II. METHODS AND TECHNIQUES 9. Discussion Method Marjorie B. Rachlin 10. Case Studies: How to Develop and Use Them Gloria Busman 11. Using Oral History in the Classroom Alice M. Hoffman 12. Games and Other Exercises Anne H. Nelson PART III. SUBJECTS AND MATERIALS 13. Labor History through Field Trips William Adelman 14. Training Women for Political Action Donna Mobley 15. Grievance Handling for Women Stewards Ida Torres 16. Occupational Health and Safety for Women Workers: Some Teaching Models Janet Bertinuson and Andrea M. Hricko 17. Education for Affirmative Action: Two Union Approaches Gloria T. Johnson and Odessa Komer 18. How to Choose and Use Materials in Education for Women Workers James Wallihan 19. Subjects and Materials: How to Handle Controversy Connie Kopelov PART IV. FUNDING PROGRAMS 20. How Foundations View Funding Proposals on Working Women Susan Vail Berresford 21. Funding Worker Education through Tuition Refund Plans Mimi Abramovitz PART V. THE LARGER VIEW 22. Labor Education and Women Workers: An International Comparison Alice H. Cook and Roberta Till-Retz 23. A Summary Discussion Lawrence Rogin APPENDIX AND INDEX A Resource on Resources James Wallihan Index ...


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