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337Appendix B

Citizen Security Structures and Police Ranks


Citizen Security Structure: Security Ministry

Secretariat of Security

Subsecretariats of Prevention

Subsecretariat of Investigation

National Police (Policía Nacional, PN)

General Office of Criminal Investigation (Dirección General de Investigación Criminal, DGIC)

General Office of Special Preventive Services (Dirección General de Servicios Especiales Especiales Preventivos, DGSEP)

General Office of Special Investigative Services (Dirección General de Servicios Especiales de Investigación, DGSEI)

General Office of Police Education (Dirección General de Educación Policial, DGEP)


Police Rank Structure

Commissioner general

Investigation ranks: detectives (inspectores)


Basic police (Classes I, II, and III)


Cadets and auxiliary officers


Citizen Security Structure: National Police Units

Principal command and control offices

1. General Command (Comando General)

2. General Subcommand (Sub-Comando General)

3. Inspector General (Inspectoría General)

Superior Disciplinary Tribunal

Assessment and support offices—National Offices of: Personnel; Intelligence; Planning and Operations; National Administration; Technical Auxiliary Services; Personal Identification; Health and Social Welfare; Instruction and Teaching; Control of Dangerous Substances; and the National Central Office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)

Decentralized offices

1. Special Force in the War against Narco-trafficking (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Narcotráfico, FELCN or Felón)

2. Social Security Fund (Fondo Complementario de Seguridad Social)

3. National Production Center (Centro Nacional de Producción)

4. Police Insurance Mutual Fund (Mutual del Seguro Policial, Musepol)

5. Police Housing Council (Consejo de Vivienda Policial, Covipol)

6. Penitentiary Security Unit (Seguridad Penitentiaria)

7. Accounting Office (Dirección Nacional de Fiscalización y Recaudaciones)

Operative, specialized, and “deconcentrated” units

1. Technical Judicial Police (Policía Tecnica Judicial, PTJ), with seven divisions: Homicides; Persons; Minors and Family; Property; Economic and Financial; Public Corruption; Special Operations

2. Order and Security Units (Unidades de Orden y Seguridad)

3. Transit Units (Unidades de Tránsito)

4. Customs Units (Unidades de Policía Aduanera)

5. Police Courts (Juzgados Policiales)

6. Women’s Police Unit (Policía Femenina)

7. Provincial and Frontier Units (Unidades de Policía Provincial y Fronteriza)

8. Unit of Control of Dangerous Substances (Unidades de Control de Sustancias Peligrosas)

9. Family Protection Brigade (Brigada de la Protección a la Familia)

10. Battalion of Private Physical Security (Batallón de Seguridad Física Privada, BSFP)

11. Fire Department (Bomberos)

12. Customs Control Unit (Unidad de Control Operativo Aduanero, COA)

13. Citizen Support and Aid Patrol (Patrulla de Ayuda y Auxilio Ciudadano, or Patrulla de Auxilio y Cooperación Ciudadana, PAC)

14. Multipurpose Unit (Unidad de Polivalentes)

15. Tactical Police OperrationsUnit (Unidad Táctica de Operaciones Policiales, UTOP)

16. Radio Patrol (Radio Patrulla 110)

17. Rural and Frontier Police (Policía Rural y Fronteriza)

18. Ecological Police (Unidad de Policía Ecológica)

19. Special Anti-Crime Force (La Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Crimen, FELCC)

21. Anti-Car Theft Unit (Dirección de Prevención contra el Robo de Vehículo, Diprove)

22. Cooperative Police Mutual Fund (Mutual de Cooperativas de la Policía, Mucopol)

23. Citizen Conciliation Unit (Unidad de Conciliación Ciudadana, UCC)

24. Tourist Police (Policía Turística)

25. Road Police (Policía Caminera)

26. Delta Force (Fuerza Delta)

27. Environmental Police (Policía Forestal y Medio Ambiente, POFOMA)

28. Constitutional Assembly Protection Unit (Unidad de Seguridad para la Asamblea Constituyente, USPAC)

29. The Pumas: Security Squadron (Las Pumas: Escuadrón de Seguridad)

30. Unit for the Protection of Dignitaries (Unidad de Protección de Dignatarios, USEDI)

The department divisions are subordinate to the national police and have similar structures. Each department has a command, subcommand, department inspector, disciplinary tribunal, and assessment and support offices. Within each department are about twenty units: coordination and agent supervision; a judicial office for legal matters; a specialized unit for crimes such as kidnapping and terrorism; and offices of personnel, intelligence, planning and operations, public relations, information, evaluation, administration, personal identification, and health and welfare. Each department also includes an Order and Security Unit for patrols and property protection, a transit unit for road safety, and a special security battalion for public order during social conflict.

Rank Structure: Policía Boliviana



Categories in rank

I. Generales


II. Jefes

1. Colonel 2. Lieutenant colonel 3. Major

III. Oficiales

1. Captain 2. Lieutenant 3. Sublieutenant

IV. Aspirantes a oficial



V. Superior subofficials and subofficial

1. Superior subofficial; 2. Major subofficial; subofficials 3. First subofficial; 4. Second subofficial

VI. Classes and police

1. First sergeant; 2. Second sergeant; 3. Corporal; 4. Street police (tropas)


VII. Aspirantes



Structure: Policía Federal Argentina (PFA)

Central Command (Jefatura)

Central Subcommand (Subjefatura)

Offices of Administration, Welfare, Interior and Complex Federal Crimes; Federal Investigations; Planning and Development; Metropolitan Security; Personnel Instruction and Human Rights; Federal Communications; Scientific Police; Dangerous Drugs; Federal Transport

Autonomous Offices: Internal Affairs; Criminal Intelligence

Rank Structure: PFA

Officer ranks

Commissioner-general (comisario general)

Commissioner-major (comisario mayor)

Superintendent-inspector or commissioner-inspector (comisario inspector)

Commissioner (comisario)

Undersuperintendent or subcommissioner (subcomisario)

Principal officer (official principal)

Inspector/detective (official inspector)

Subinspector (official subinspector)

Adjutant officer or assistant officer (official ayudante)

Subofficer ranks

Subofficer-major (suboficial mayor)

Auxiliary subofficer (suboficial auxiliar)

Administrative subofficer (suboficial escribiente)

First sergeant or sergeant first class (sargento primero)

Sergeant (sargento)

First corporal (cabo primero)

Corporal (cabo)

Police officer and fireman (agente and bombero)

Cadet in training (aspirante)

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