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NORTH CAROLINA STUDIES IN THE ROMANCE LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES I.S.B.N. Prefix 0-8078Recent Titles 'PUEBLOS ENFERMOS'. THE DISCOURSE OF ILLNESS IN THE TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY SPANISH AND LATIN AMERICAN ESSAY, by Michael Aronna. 1999. (No. 262). -9266-1. RESONANT THEMES. LITERATURE, HISTORY, AND THE ARTS IN NINETEENTH- AND TWENTIETHCENTURY EUROPE ESSAYS IN HONOR OF VICTOR BROMBERT, by Stirling Haig. 1999. (No. 263). -9267-X. RAZA, GENERO E HIBRIDEZ EN EL LAZARILLO DE CIEGOS CAMINANTES, por MariseJle Melendez. 1999. (No. 264). -9268-8. DEL ESCENARIO A LA PANTALLA: LA ADAPTACION CINEMATOGRAFICA DEL TEATRO ESPANOL, por Maria Asuncion Gomez. 2000. (No. 265). -9269-6. THE LEPER IN BLUE: COERCIVE PERFORMANCE AND THE CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICAN THEATER, by Amalia Gladhart. 2000. (No. 266). -9270-X. THE CHARM OF CATASTROPHE: A STUDY OF RABELA!S'S QUART LIVRE, by Alice Fiola Berry. 2000. (No. 267). -9271-8. PUERTO RICAN CULTURAL IDENTITY AND THE WORK OF LUIS RAFAEL SANCHEZ, by John Dimitri Perivolaris. 2000. (No. 268). -9272-6. MANNERISM AND BAROQUE IN SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH POETRY: THE EXAMPLE OF TRISTAN L'HERMITE, by James Crenshaw Shepard. 2001. (No. 269). -9273-4. RECLAIMING THE BODY: MARiA DE ZAYA'S EARLY MODERN FEMINISM, by Lisa VoJlendorf. 2001. (No. 270). -9274-2. FORGED GENEALOGIES: SAINT-JOHN PERSE'S CONVERSATIONS WITH CULTURE, by Carol Rigolot. 2001. (No. 271). -9275-0. VISIONES DE ESTEREOSCOP!O IPARADIGMA DE HJBRIDACION EN EL ARTE Y LA NARRATIVA DE LA VANGUARD!A ESPANOLA!, por Maria Soledad Fernandez Utrera. 2001. (No. 272). -9276-9. TRANSPOSING ART INTO TEXTS IN FRENCH ROMANTIC LITERATURE, by Henry F. Majewski. 2002. (No. 273). -9277-7. IMAGES IN MIND: LOVESICKNESS, SPANISH SENTIMENTAL FICTION AND DON QUIJOTE, by Robert Folger. 2002. (No. 274). -9278-5. INDISCERNIBLE COUNTERPARTS: THE INVENTION OF THE TEXT IN FRENCH CLASSICAL DRAMA, by Christopher Braider. 2002. (No. 275). -9279-3. SAVAGE SIGHT/CONSTRUCTED NOISE. POETIC ADAPTATIONS OF PAINTERLY TECHNIQUES IN THE FRENCH AND AMERICAN AVANT-GARDES, by David LeHardy Sweet. 2003. (No. 276). -9281-5. AN EARLY BOURGEOIS LITERATURE IN GOLDEN AGE SPAIN. LAZARILLO DE TORMES, GUZMAN DE ALFARACHEANDBALTASARGRACIAN, by Francisco}. Sanchez. 2003. (No. 277). -9280-7. METAFACT: ESSAYISTIC SCIENCE IN EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FRANCE, by Lars 0. Erickson. 2004. (No. 278). -. THE INVENTION OF THE EYEWITNESS. A HISTORY OF TESTIMONY IN FRANCE, by Andrea Frisch. 2004. (No. 279). -9283-1. SUBJECT TO CHANGE: THE LESSONS OF LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN'S TESTIMONIO FOR TRUTH, FICTION, AND THEORY, by Joanna R. Bartow. 2005. (No. 280). -9284-X. QUESTIONING RACINIAN TRAGEDY, by John Campbell. 2005. (No. 281). -9285-8. Whell_ordering plt:asecite t~eJSJ3N Prefi:XPlllsthe last four digits for each tidt:. Send orders to: University of North Carolina Press P.O. Box 2288 Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2288 U.S.A. FAX: 919 966-3829 The Department of Romance Studies Digital Arts and Collaboration Lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is proud to support the digitization of the North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures series. DEPARTMENT OF Romance Studies Digital Arts and Collaboration Lab ,!7IA8A7-ijciei! ...


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