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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS WHILE this book has undergone several additions and theoretical shifts, it evolved from my dissertation directed by Nicolas Shumway, whom I thank first and foremost. I remain grateful for his enthusiastic support and his knowledgeable guidance, as well as for those of James Fernandez. My thanks go to Marta Peixoto for introducing me to Clarice Lispector's work and kindly providing feedback on early versions of my discussion of A Hora da Estrela. Also, even though she left Yale before I began work on my dissertation , Sylvia Molloy's generosity and superb scholarship were invaluable to my education and continue to inspire me, so I would like to thank her here. Needless to say, these mentors inspired all that is good in my work; I alone am responsible for any shortfalls. Through the generosity of a Fulbright-Garda Robles grant, at an early stage of the project I carried out research at the Programa Interdisciplinario de Estudios de la Mujer at the Colegio de Mexico , and would like to express my appreciation to both the Fulbright Program and to the faculty of the PIEM for opening their doors to me. I also wish to thank Elena Poniatowska for her warmth and generosity during an interview at her home and at subsequent meetings . In Mexico I also met two dear friends and invaluable intellectual interlocutors: Juan Carlos Segura and Alejandro de Oto. I am particularly grateful for Alejandro's knowledge of postcolonial theory and for his encouragement over the years. Linda S. Maier, Deirdre Lashgari, Merry Pawlowski, Magdalena Maiz, and Becky Boling have read or listened to parts of this project and given crucial feedback and support: I cannot thank them enough. 9 10 SUBJECT TO CHANGE Austin College in Texas also furnished important support during my years there, both through a Richardson grant and through engaging colleagues, especially in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages. My heartfelt thanks go to CML for the academic home they gave me. My new home at St. Mary's College of Maryland has also provided generous faculty development funds for this book, in addition to collegiality and a stimulating scholarly environment. My friends and colleagues in the Department of International Languages and Cultures have all been supportive, yet I particularly appreciate Jorge Rogachevsky and Israel Ruiz's confidence in this project and their expertise that pushes my thinking to the next level. Finally, I dedicate this book to my parents Judy and Arthur Bartow , who from the beginning have been inspirational in every sense, and to my husband and compaiiero Joe Orlando, whose creativity, word play, and love of books make every day a joy. ...


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