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ix Acknowledgments The civic ecology workshop that provided the foundation for this book was supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) under funding received from the National Science Foundation DBI-1052875. Many thanks to Margaret Palmer, Jonathan Kramer, and other SESYNC staff members who supported the workshop, and to Cat Stylinski for encouraging me to apply for SESYNC support. Funding for this research was also contributed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture administered through Cornell University NYC-14745 and MRP NYC-147859. The views expressed are solely those of the authors. I also thank Dustin Alger, Caroline Lewis, Jennifer Klein, Anandi Premlall, Carrie Samis, and Carmen Sirianni, who contributed ideas at the SESYNC workshop but were not able to contribute to the book chapters; and the following individuals who provided comments on the chapters: Daniel Daneri Rosenberg, Bethany Jorgensen, Adam Kent, Chankook Kim, Scott Kratz, Jessica Smith, and Bjorn Whitmore. Finally, thanks to David Maddox for facilitating the SESYNC workshop and to Keith Tidball for his long-standing contributions to civic ecology scholarship and practice. GRASSROOTS TO GLOBAL ...


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