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v Contents Foreword Keith G. Tidball vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction Marianne E. Krasny 1 Part I CULTURE BUILDING: CHANGING SOCIAL NORMS THROUGH CIVIC ECOLOGY PRACTICES 1. Coming Home to Common Ground in Stressed Communities: Intentional Civic Engagement in the Collins Avenue Streamside Community of Southwest Baltimore Jill Wrigley, Mila Kellen Marshall, and Michael Sarbanes 21 2. The Bitter and the Sweet of Nature: Weaving a Tapestry of Migration Stories Veronica Kyle and Laurel Kearns 41 3. Grassroots Stewardship in Iran: The Rise and Significance of Nature Cleaners Karim-Aly Kassam, Zahra Golshani, and Marianne E. Krasny 65 4. Returning Orange Waters to Blue: Creating a Culture of Civic Engagement through Learning Experiences Louise Chawla and Robert E. Hughes 85 Part II KNOWLEDGE BUILDING: LEARNING IN CIVIC ECOLOGY PRACTICE 5. The Nature of Transformative Learning for Social-Ecological Sustainability Martha Chaves and Arjen E. J. Wals 105 6. Making Knowledge in Civic Ecology Practices: A Community Garden Case Study Philip Silva and Rosalba Lopez Ramirez 124 7. Mapping the Route from Citizen Science to Environmental Stewardship: Integrating Adaptive Management and Civic Ecology Practice Rebecca Jordan 141 vi CONTENTS Part III MOVEMENT BUILDING: CIVIC ECOLOGY AS STRATEGIC ACTION FIELD 8. Adaptive Management, Adaptive Governance, and Civic Ecology Lance Gunderson, Elizabeth Whiting Pierce, and Marianne E. Krasny 157 9. The Healing Powers of Nature in Joplin’s Cunningham Park: Coupling Design-Build and Civic Ecology Keith E. Hedges, Traci Sooter, Nancy Chikaraishi, and Marianne E. Krasny 177 10. Countering Environmental Gentrification through Economic, Cultural, and Political Equity: The 11th Street Bridge Park Dennis Chestnut and Marianne E. Krasny 194 11. Civic Stewardship as a Catalyst for Social-Ecological Change in Detroit, Michigan Rebecca Salminen Witt, Erika S. Svendsen, and Marianne E. Krasny 213 12. From Practice to Fledgling Social Movement in India: Lessons from “The Ugly Indian” Aniruddha Abhyankar and Marianne E. Krasny 231 Afterword: Toward a Collaborative Engagement David Maddox 249 Notes on Contributors 253 Index 255 ...


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