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19 “Oh! Now I’ve Got You!”: In the Sights of Anti-Israelists at the Claremont Colleges Yaron Raviv Yaron Raviv was in his office when a distraught Jewish student informed him of being harassed at a mock Israeli checkpoint blocking access to a dining hall. Raviv, attempting to make sure that the demonstration did not infringe on others’ rights to enter the building, was accosted by one of the anti-Israel students to whom he angrily responded with a profanity. He was thereafter subjected to a smear campaign by anti-Israel students and faculty that falsely painted him, both on and off campus, as a racist Israeli bullying peaceful Palestinian students—a libelous campaign that did great personal and professional harm and brought threatening messages to Raviv and his family. Shockingly, college administrators participated in and promoted the defamation, breaking various campus rules along the way. The defamatory smearing continued even after an investigation definitively cleared him of any wrongdoing. This incident demonstrates again the unethical ways that Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) activists seek to demonize and silence their opponents, as well as their cynical use of academic disciplinary processes to create an intimidating campus atmosphere. “Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever. I thought you might enjoy that since you seem to be such a huge supporter of genocide. Cheers.” “I am one of your students. What right do you have to call one of my colleagues a ‘cockroach,’ you filthy Israeli cunt? Please, could I ask you to leave the U.S. and return to the land of Zion-Nazis where you can slaughter innocent cockroaches at whim? See you in class you wasted inbred.” The Initial Event On March 4, 2013, I was sitting in my office at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) grading a midterm exam.1 It was around 5:20 PM, and a student from Pitzer College (PC)—another college in the consortium known as the Claremont Colleges—suddenly popped in. He told me with some concern that there was a “Oh! Now I’ve Got You!” | 267 demonstration going on at the dining hall. I accompanied him downstairs, but once we got on the main sidewalk near the dining hall, he took a turn because he was afraid to be seen with me. When I got to the dining hall, I saw a couple of students handing out fliers, and I saw a line of students blocking the entrance. I also saw a couple of students standing on the side of the dining hall and crying. I approached the dining hall. The students were standing shoulder to shoulder , and I could not pass. They told me, “Show us your ID.” I said, “What?” “Yeah, yeah, this is an Israeli checkpoint. Show us your ID if you want to come inside.” I said, “I’m not going to show you my ID. Have you ever seen an Israeli checkpoint ?” One of the students said, “Yeah, yeah, I saw an Israeli checkpoint.” I said, “Who is your leader? Who brought you here?” Then they told me, “We don’t have a leader. We’ve come by ourselves, and this is an approved demonstration.” I said, “OK, OK, let me in.” So at this point, they let me in without physical contact. I went inside the dining hall to look for the dining hall manager. I told her, “The students have the right to demonstrate—they probably have approved that—but they cannot block the entrance. Please move them ten feet aside. They can do their political activity there. Just move them ten feet aside so they will not block the entrance and hassle students. That’s illegal.” She went outside, and she talked with the students, and at first, they complied . They took off the ropes along the side of the dining hall, and they moved away. However, the moment the manager went back inside, they immediately blocked the entrance again. I went back inside the dining hall. This time, I could not find the manager, so I went to the cashier and asked to use her phone. I called Campus Safety, and I told the dispatcher, “The students have the right to demonstrate , but you need to send someone to move them ten feet aside. They cannot block the entrance.” The Campus Safety officer arrived, and he parked his cart thirty to forty feet south of the dining hall entrance. I started to walk toward him, to explain what was...


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