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13 Anti-Israel Antisemitism in England Richard Millett Richard Millett was not surprised by the 2016 antisemitism scandal in Britain’s Labour Party, as he has spent the last eight years documenting Far Left anti-Israel events, many of which were sponsored or featured appearances by Labour Party officials. His experiences demonstrate that anti-Israel antisemitic bigotry has metastasized from the British academy into the highest echelon of the cultural and political elites and is now to be found at schools, churches, charities, theaters, trade unions, academic bodies, and even at allegedly impartial non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Amnesty International. His exposing the disreputable fabrications and murderous wishes of antisemitic anti-Israelists has often gotten him into trouble, where the antagonists attempt to discredit him through lies and smears. He is particularly disturbed by the situation on British campuses, where, he observes, a whole generation of students is now being brought up on a hateful anti-Israel diet. As i write this, the opposition Labour Party in the United Kingdom has finally become convulsed in a crisis of antisemitism. Many Far Left Labour Party members have been suspended for various statements, the most high-profile of whom is the ex-mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, for suggesting on national radio that Hitler was a Zionist because Hitler had, according to Livingstone, supported a Jewish national homeland in British-mandated Palestine (despite Hitler’s ultimate plan to murder every last Jew anywhere). Another high-profile suspension was Member of Parliament (MP) Naz Shah for suggesting on Twitter that the best solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was to relocate Israel to America.1 Vicki Kirby, MP, was suspended for tweeting that Hitler was a “Zionist God,” “We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher,” “I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is,” and that Jews have “big noses.”2 Anti-Israel Antisemitism in England | 175 There are about another thirty suspensions being considered as I write, and a Labour Party inquiry into antisemitism will commence soon. This has all come to light since the Far Left politician Jeremy Corbyn, MP, was elected leader of the Labour Party after Labour lost the 2015 general election to David Cameron’s Conservatives. I am not surprised by these statements and suspensions. For eight years, I have been attending Far Left anti-Israel events and demonstrations in order to record them for my blog. I have written about these horrendous events and posted photos, footage, and audio recordings. Many of these events have been arranged by Labour MPs, including Corbyn himself, and many have had Corbyn as the main speaker.3 In August 2012, I witnessed Corbyn speak at the annual Al Quds Day demonstration in central London.4 Al Quds Day was inspired by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini to claim Jerusalem for the Islamic world. At the annual demonstration , activists come adorned in Hezbollah flags while sporting some of the most obscene statements about Israel. Hezbollah is an antisemitic organization whose main objective is to destroy Israel and murder Jews. I have photographed placards stating: “We are Hezbullah,” “Israel listen, leave!!!” and “Israel is a disease, we are the cure.”5 At the previous year’s Al Quds Day protest, I photographed placards stating, “For world peace Israel must be destroyed,” “Israel your days are numbered,” “Death to Israel,” and “The world stopped Nazism, the world stopped apartheid, the world must stop Zionism.”6 I witnessed Labour MP Martin Linton say during a Friends of Al Aqsa event at the houses of Parliament in 2010: “There are long tentacles of Israel in this country who are funding election campaigns and putting money into the British political system for their own ends.”7 The symbol of tentacles is a hangover from the Nazis, who propagated the notion of a huge Jewish octopus controlling the world. At the same meeting, I witnessed Labour’s Gerald Kaufman, MP, say, “Just as Lord Ashcroft owns one part of the Labour Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the other part.” There are no arenas where anti-Israel polemics do not appear. Universities, schools, churches, NGOs, charities, theaters, trade unions, and academic bodies are all fair game for a minority of activists who now delight in putting out antiIsrael messages on behalf of their professional bodies. Theater and Education My most haunting memory was when I visited the Royal Court Theatre in...


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