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Contents Acknowledgments xiii  Introduction and Overview: The Silencing / Andrew Pessin and Doron S. Ben-Atar 1 I. Scholars’ Essays 1 BDS and Self-Righteous Moralists / Dan Avnon 43 2 Consensus, Canadian Trade Unions, and Intellectuals for Hamas / Julien Bauer 58 3 Bullies at the Pulpit / Doron S. Ben-Atar 66 4 A Traumatic Professorial Education: Anti-Zionism and Homophobia in a Serial Campus Hate Crime / Corinne E. Blackmer 75 5 Slouching toward the City That Never Stops: How a Left-Orientalist Anti-Israel Faculty Tour Forced Me to Say Something (Big Mistake!) / Gabriel Noah Brahm 83 6 On Radio Silence and the Video That Saved the Day: The Attack against Professor Dubnov at the University of California San Diego, 2012 / Shlomo Dubnov 91 7 Fraser versus the University College Union: A Personal Reflection / Ronnie Fraser 105 8 If You Are Not With Us: The National Women’s Studies Association and Israel / Janet Freedman 122 9 Rhodes University, Not a Home for All: A Progressive Zionist’s Two-Year Odyssey / Larissa Klazinga 134 10 Loud and Fast versus Slow and Quiet: Responses to Anti-Israel Activism on Campus / Jeffrey Kopstein 142 x | Contents 11 A Controversy at Harvard / Martin Kramer 151 12 Attempts to Exclude Pro-Israel Views from Progressive Discourse: Some Case Studies from Australia / Philip Mendes 163 13 Anti-Israel Antisemitism in England / Richard Millett 174 14 Conspiracy Pedagogy on Campus: BDS Advocacy, Antisemitism, and Academic Freedom / Cary Nelson 190 15 When Did We Abandon Academic Integrity for Academic Freedom? / Denise Nussbaum 212 16 BDS and Zionophobic Racism / Judea Pearl 224 17 Friday, November 13, 2015, at the University of Texas, Austin: Anti-Zionists on the Attack / Ami Pedahzur and Andrew Pessin 236 18 Colonel Richard Kemp at the University of Sydney, Australia, March 11, 2015 / Jan Poddebsky, Peter Keeda, and Clive Kessler 253 19 “Oh! Now I’ve Got You!”: In the Sights of Anti-Israelists at the Claremont Colleges / Yaron Raviv 266 20 The Magic of Myth: Fashioning the BDS Narrative in the New Anthropology / David M. Rosen 280 21 Retaliation: The High Price of Speaking Out about Campus Antisemitism and What It Means for Jewish Students / Tammi Rossman-Benjamin 298 22 A Field Geologist in Politicized Terrain / Jill S. Schneiderman 317 23 Fanatical Anti-Zionism and the Degradation of the University: What I Have Learned in Buffalo / Ernest Sternberg 333 24 What Is It like to Be an (Assertive) Israeli Academic Abroad? / Elhanan Yakira 348 II. Students’ Essays 25 A Wake-Up Call at the University of Michigan / Jesse Arm 357 26 On Leaving the University of California, Los Angeles, Due to Hostile and Unsafe Campus Climate / Milan Chatterjee 363 Contents | xi 27 Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions and Antisemitism at Stanford University / Molly Horwitz 366 28 On Being Pro-Israel, and Jewish, at Oberlin College / Eliana Kohn 372 29 Battling Anti-Zionism at City University of New York John Jay College / Tomer Kornfeld 379 30 Students for Justice in Palestine at Brown University / Jared Samilow 384 31 Battling Anti-Zionism at the University of Missouri / Daniel Swindell 390 III. Concluding Thoughts 32 Inconclusive, Unscientific Postscript: On the Purpose of the University, and a Ray of Hope / Andrew Pessin 401 Index 409 ...


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