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A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S A STUDY OF THIS SORT is always the result of the support and help of a wide variety of people. We wish to take the space here to thank those who enabled this report to be much more than it otherwise might have been. Dr. Anne MacLachlan of the Center for Studies in Higher Education was our designated contact at the University of California, Berkeley , and she more than lived up to her role. Anne provided us with help in locating persons and documents, in identifying paths that might otherwise have been missed, and with amazing insights into the workings of the university . Dr. Jean Lave’s willingness to provide space in which to house our research associate, Dr. Dawn Coppin, is greatly appreciated, as is her tenacity in ensuring that this project went ahead. We also had the good fortune of working with a liaison committee at the University of California, Berkeley, who sought to smooth any bumps we might encounter in conducting this study. In this capacity our thanks go to Dr. Bob Spear, chair, Dr. Jim Evans, Dr. Jean Lave, Dr. Steve Lindow, Dr. Anne MacLachlan, and Dr. Karen de Valois. It almost goes without saying that this study would not have been possible without the willingness of so many people at Berkeley—faculty, students, staff, administrators—as well as people off campus to take the time to talk with us about their involvement with, and thoughts about, the University of California , Berkeley–Novartis agreement itself. We are deeply grateful for their participation and hope we have not misinterpreted their comments, although the conclusions we draw may not be entirely to their liking. A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S xii Dr. Daniel Kleinman and Dr. Jim Fairweather provided helpful detailed comments on various parts of the report upon which this manuscript was built.We thank them for taking the time to review a rather lengthy document. We would also like to thank Dr. Ann Austin for her assistance in the development of this project. Finally, we are grateful to the University of California, Berkeley, for the funds that made this study possible.Without that generous support, the study would never have been conducted. Of course, the findings, interpretations, and conclusions drawn here remain the responsibility of the authors. ...


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