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Sorel in Orléans. October 3, the day that Gene mailed the postcard, was the eve of their departure for an ill-fated trip through the Orient, so the postcard was literally a “parting gesture.” 45. James Delaney to AB, March 23, 1929 (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 46. B&B, 302–3, 315. Carlotta’s diary for 1928 shows that they were sleeping in separate rooms, at home, in hotels, and onboard ship, though it also shows that they sometimes shared a bed. 47. “Our Love Problem Dramatist Fights to Solve His Own,” New York Evening Journal, August 11, 1928. 48. B&B, 304. 49. B&B, 309. 50. Copy of letter from EO to Kenneth Macgowan, September 21, 1928 (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 51. O’Neill and Nathan, As Ever, Gene, 88. 52. Sheaffer II, 327. 53. Quoted in G&G, 691. 54. EO to Harry Weinberger, February 8, 1929 (O’Neill Collection, Yale). 55. Undated letter, probably written in February 1928, quoted in Sheaffer II, 297. 56. B&B, 318. 57. See Scovell, Oona, 60–68. 58. See Boulton’s correspondence with Liveright in the Liveright Collection at the University of Pennsylvania; Delaney alludes to the Ballantine debt in his letters to AB (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College); see AB’s correspondence with Doctor Maloney under Miscellaneous: Agnes O’Neill at the New York Public Library. 59. AB to James Delaney, December 12, 1949; a brief reply from Delaney, apologizing that he cannot send her any money, came in a letter of January 12, 1950 (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 60. AB to Horace Liveright [Fall 1928]; Liveright to Louis Kronenberger, February 5, 1929; Louis Kronenberger to Horace Liveright, February 6, 1929; all in the Liveright Collection, University of Pennsylvania. Liveright himself was just going through a divorce, which had been reported in a New York Daily News story with the following lead sentence: “Horace B. Liveright, angel of the sex writers, advocate of bigger and better sex frankness, promoter of the nude in the home and professionally book publisher and play producer, was served with a frank notice of a divorce action, filed in Supreme Court yesterday ” (“Liveright, Angel of Torrid Writers, Sued for Divorce,” New York Daily News, March 28, 1928, 22). 61. Agnes Boulton, “A New England Woman,” typescript (Liveright Collection , University of Pennsylvania). 62. AB tells Harold DePolo that a Miss Heath “didn’t think Gribble her style” (AB to Harold DePolo, October 22, 1929, Barrett Collection, University of Virginia). On September 19, 1929, she tells DePolo that she has heard nothing yet, from Liberty, about a story called “The Cure” (Barrett Collection, University of Virginia). 63. Delaney’s letter of Friday [March 15, 1929] congratulates her on getting 268 • Notes to Pages 190–96 “two fine ideas for stories while on the train but I think you were right in deciding not to use your brain for a while” (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 64. Boulton, “En Route,” 56. 65. All quotations from “What Can I Give?” (copy given to me by Maura O’Neill Jones). 66. A copy of this inventory was sent to me by Barbara Burton, May 2, 1994. It was a list of manuscripts she sent to Oona in 1971, with several of them marked to indicate “B[arbara] would like them back rather than O[ona] throw them out.” She also lists three pieces she supposes to have been written by James Delaney, one called “5 A.M.” and the others untitled. What became of all these manuscripts I have been unable to determine. There might have been another novel written in the late 1930s. A March 24, 1938, letter from Agnes to Harry Weinberger mentions that she had finished a 125,000-word novel in February (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). Boulton wrote to Shane O’Neill, January 11, 1939, mentioning that she had started on a new book, “a story of Bermuda piracy, with a very interesting character modeled somewhat after the famous Stede Bonnet” (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 67. James Delaney to AB, June 5 [1929] (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 68. G&G, 695. 69. AB to Harold DePolo, December 1929, transcribed by Louis Sheaffer from the original in the Barrett Collection, University of Virginia (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 70. AB to Doctor Maloney, July 14, 1930, New York Public Library. 71. Barbara Burton to WDK, May 2, 1994. 72. James Delaney to AB, October 17 [1929] (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). 73. James Delaney to AB, November 26, 1938 (Sheaffer Collection, Connecticut College). Ellipsis is Delaney’s. 74. Boulton wrote to...


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