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I n 2016, the centenary of the Easter Rising, I delivered a number of talks on the topic of commemoration. I want to thank the editors of the Síreacht series − Órla O’Donovan, Fiona Dukelow and Rosie Meade − for giving me the opportunity to transform those lectures into this book. The process of aligning my ideas regarding commemoration with the aims of the Síreacht series was both fruitful and fun. Indeed, the year that I spent working on this book was a useful reminder that research, while central to the seemingly never-ending evaluation of individual academics and whole departments , should ultimately matter in its own terms and be a source of pleasure. I also want to thank everyone at Cork University Press, particularly Maria O’Donovan, for their invaluable work in preparing this book for publication. Some of my hard-working friends and colleagues in the School of English at University College, Cork helped shape this book. Lee Jenkins deserves a special mention. Her enthusiastic response to an earlier version of my first lecture on commemoration gave me confidence in my ideas at a point in time when I had begun to doubt myself. I am lucky to be part of a large and very vibrant extended family; I want to single out, in particular, Maeve Laird, Rosaleen Dolan, MarionDolan,ShaneLairdandRóisínAllott.Thisbookis dedicated to Helen Finney and Siobhán Coffey; Helen and Siobhán, I’m sure you’re relieved that after some vii Acknowledgements deliberation I decided not to conclude the acknowledgements with a cheesy inspirational quotation for you both about dealing with difficult times! Commemoration viii ...


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