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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The seed that germinated into this book first was planted by my friend Russell Lewis, executive vice president and chief historian of the Chicago History Museum .AsIwasponderingbookideas,followingpublicationofmypreviousbook, Russell suggested I consider something concerning Chicago or Illinois history. My own tentative thoughts to write about the 1970 constitutional convention, combinedwithmystronglyheldbeliefthatstateconstitutionsinlargepartreflect the state history that precedes them, matured quickly to the conclusion that I should do both; thus this book about Illinois’s four eighteenth-century constitutional conventions and the history that preceded them. The enthusiastic response by David Spadafora, president of the Newberry Library, William Furry of the Illinois State Historical Society, and others to the concept of a history comprising these elements motivated me to push ahead. I owe thanks to David and to other friends who read drafts of the manuscript, made valuable suggestions, and warmly encouraged me to complete this work. First among them are my former law colleague, and later judge, John Ferren, himselfadistinguishedbiographer;myformerlawpartner,andlaterpresidentof KnoxCollege,RogerTaylor;andWayneWhalen,whomIfirstmetinDecember 1969, when we both were young Chicago lawyers and delegates-elect to the 1970 constitutional convention. Other old friends and helpful critics who read and 220 Acknowledgments commented on drafts in process included Judge Ruben Castillo, Frank Babb, Doug and Norma Madsen, Roberta Rubin, Robert and Lynn Rubright, Mary Sasse, and Stuart Struever. Iamgratefulforthecomments,thoughtfulcriticism,suggestions,andencouragement of scholars I came to know as this work progressed, including Daniel Greene, Bradford Hunt, Ann Durkin Keating, Robert Morrissey, Junius Rodriguez , and Susan Sleeper-Smith. They contributed much to the contents and organization of the book. From my law firm, I received immense help from my longtime secretary and assistant Laura Czukla, who can do most anything, and from research specialist Mary Beth Kamraczewski, who can find most anything. I thank them, and also Michael Hensler, Amy Montero, and David Sokol, for their contributions to the finished work. Over several years, I was assisted in the search for historical materials by the excellentstaffoftheAbrahamLincolnPresidentialLibraryandMuseum.Lincoln CollectionCuratorJamesCornelius,GwenithPodeschi,JaneEhrenhart,Jennifer Ericson,RobertaFairburn,DebbieHamm,KathrynHarris,andIanHuntallgave me their assistance on numerous occasions, and I thank them all. InadditiontoRussellLewis,staffoftheChicagoHistoryMuseumwereready with help when called upon, in particular those who staffed the research desk and the image and rights facilitators. Many people at the Newberry Library, in addition to David Spadafora and Bradford Hunt, willingly gave me their time and suggestions, even on creative questions of mine that proved not to have answers. I thank in particular James Akerman, Martha Briggs, Diane Dillon, and Matthew Rutherford. I thank research assistants Lori Mattten and Eric Barrone for their labors in the early stages of this project, and give special thanks to Shannon Pennefeather Gardner, whose editing work and suggestions over the years contributed great value to the final product. IamindebtedtoLaurieMatheson,directoroftheUniversityofIllinoisPress, for taking on my project, and give special thanks to Daniel Nasset, senior acquisitions editor, for his editing, advice, and encouragement. I am grateful to them and to Jennifer Comeau, Dustin Hubbart, and others on the staff of the press who made it possible for this book to appear in time for Illinois’s bicentennial. Thisbookwouldnot havebeenwhat it isandnever would havebeen finished andworthyofpublicationwithouttheunfalteringsupportofmywife,JanCicero, Acknowledgments 221 towhomthebookisdedicated.Fromdiscussionofmyearliestideasthroughthe reading of every sentence of every draft, her comments, suggestions, criticism, encouragement, and advice have shaped the final product and maintained my enthusiasm through the process. Thisworkisalsowrittenforourdaughters,EricaCiceroandCarolineCicero, theirhusbands,EdwardChraplaandCraigDetweiler,and,especially,ourgrandchildren ,ZoeGraceDetweiler,TheoCiceroDetweiler,andLeoCiceroChrapla, who were born and live thousands of miles from the Land of Lincoln. It may help them, like other readers, understand the state in which three generations oftheirgrandparentslivedandthestrugglesandfortuitiesfromwhichPresident Abraham Lincoln emerged. ...


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