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This volume on Joyce began in my desire to travel, which led first to the 1986 Joyce Symposium in Copenhagen and then to the 1988 Joyce Symposium in Venice. I would not have been able to edit a book on Joyce without the generous support and encouragement of many Joyceans at these conferences who welcomed a new voice in their community. I particularly thank Jane Marcus (for getting me to Copenhagen), Marilyn L. Brownstein (for helping me formulate the topic for my panels in Venice), Phillip Herring (for sharing his great knowledge of Joyce and his library of Joyce criticism), Robert Spoo (for helpful orientations to the Joyce world), and the Women’s Caucus of the Joyce Society (for supporting the work of scholars like me on Joyce and modernism). I also thank Bernhard Kendler of Cornell University Press for his support and guidance and the anonymous readers of this volume for their insightful critiques and encouragement. And I appreciate the efforts of the organizers of the 1988 Joyce Symposium in Venice: Rosa Maria Bolletieri Bosinelli, Carla Marengo, and Christine van Boheemen. I must also acknowledge the permission of Rosa Maria Bolletieri Bosinelli, Carla Marengo, Christine van Boheemen, and John Benjamins Press for allowing me and Joseph A. Boone to include in this volume expanded versions of our conference papers, which they have included in their conference volume, The Languages of Joyce (Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1992). Finally, I thank the contributors to this volume for so graciously accepting my suggestions; they were a dream to work with.

S. S. F.

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