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LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS Miriam Adan Jones (Vrije University, Amsterdam) is a PhD student working on a project entitled „Catholics of the English Race” that explores the overlap between ethnic and ecclesiological categories in England in the seventh and eighth centuries. On the basis of letters, histories, homilies and sermons, biblical commentaries and hagiographies , she aims to reconstruct a picture of the way ethnicity could function as an ecclesiological category in early medieval Britain. Ivan Basić (University of Split), assistant professor of history and vice president of the Croatian Society for Byzantine Studies, whose research interests include the late antique and medieval Adriatic, church history, urban history, historical geography, Early Christian and medieval art and architecture. He has published widely on the social, religious and cultural history of Dalmatia in the longue durée, such as The Inscription of Gaius Orchivius Amemptus (Split, 2015); Diocletian’s Villa in Late Antique and early medieval Historiography: A Reconsideration (Split, 2014); and Spalatensia Porphyrogenitiana. Some Issues Concerning the Textual Transmission of Porphyrogenitus’ Sources for the Chapters on Dalmatia in the De administrando imperio (Split, 2013). Olivér Gábor (Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs) is a senior museologist and archaeologist working on the Roman cemeteries of Sopianae. He conducted excavations in Roman and Great Migration sites in Baranya county and published Sopianae késő antik temetői épületei (Late Antique Funerary Constructions in Sopianae) in 2016. Maël Goarzin (Université de Lausanne/École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris) is a PhD student in Ancient Philosophy working on the practical aspects of the philosopher ’s everyday life in Late antique Neoplatonism through the study of biographical texts. His blog is focused on practical ethics and philosophy as a way of life: https:// i6 p&c 00 book.indb 357 2017.09.20. 16:22 LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS 358 Józef Grzywaczewski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw), professor of patristic theology was Rector of the Polish Seminary in Paris, teaching in the Institut Catholique. His research focuses on the history and theology of the first four centuries . His latest book: The Biblical Idea of Divine Mercy in the Early Church (Warsaw, 2016). Linda Honey, a philologist, historian, and Biblical scholar, received her doctorate with a specialization in women in the Christian Near East (4th-6th centuries) at the University of Calgary. She is keenly interested in travellers who crossed spatial and religious frontiers from Late Antiquity through the Early Modern Period including Thecla, Tryphaena, and Egeria. She has published several articles and is a popular conference speaker. Her interest is the history of the Middle East translates to the present in that she serves with Global Aid Network as an advocate for refugees and displaced people. Zsuzsa Katona-Győr (Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs) is an archaeologist who excavated Altinum along the Dabube limes and published widely on the cemeteries and burial chambers of Sopianae. Daniel K. Knox (CEU Budapest) is a PhD student focusing on the literary corpus of Bishop Ennodius of Pavia, and social ties in Ostrogothic Italy. He is interested in social network analysis and prosopography, as well as literary and historical analysis of Italian and Gallic letter collections in Late Antiquity. Daniel is originally from New Zealand where he completed his undergraduate (VUW) and master’s (Auckland) degrees prior to moving to Budapest to pursue his doctoral thesis at the Central European University. Jérôme Lagouanère (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3/Institut d’Etudes Augustiniennes, Paris), associate professor of Latin Language and Literature, deals with the works of the Latin Church Fathers, particularly Tertullian and Saint Augustine. His research explores the relationship between ancient philosophy and Christianity. His works include Intériorité et réflexivité dans la pensée de saint Augustin. Formes et genèse d’une conceptualisation (Paris, 2012) and Tertullianus Afer. Tertullien et la littérature chrétienne d’Afrique (Turnhout, 2015). Ecaterina Lung (University of Bucharest), professor in the Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History, is the director of the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of Bucharest. Her main research interests are medieval historiography , gender studies and cultural history. i6 p&c 00 book.indb 358 2017.09.20. 16:22 LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS 359 Branka Migotti (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb) is a scholarly adviser and head of the Archaeological Department of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and collaborating professor in the doctoral program of the Archaeology Department of Zagreb University. Her main scholarly interest was...


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