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CORNELL EAST ASIA SERIES   4 Fredrick Teiwes, Provincial Leadership in China: The Cultural Revolution and Its Aftermath    8 Cornelius C. Kubler, Vocabulary and Notes to Ba Jin’s Jia: An Aid for Reading the Novel 16 Monica Bethe & Karen Brazell, Nō as Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamamba. Available for purchase: DVD by Monica Bethe & Karen Brazell, “Yamanba: The Old Woman of the Mountains” 18 Royall Tyler, tr., Granny Mountains: A Second Cycle of Nō Plays 23 Knight Biggerstaff, Nanking Letters, 1949 28 Diane E. Perushek, ed., The Griffis Collection of Japanese Books: An Annotated Bibliography 37 J. Victor Koschmann, Ōiwa Keibō & Yamashita Shinji, eds., International Perspectives on Yanagita Kunio and Japanese Folklore Studies 38 James O’Brien, tr., Murō Saisei: Three Works 40 Kubo Sakae, Land of Volcanic Ash: A Play in Two Parts, revised edition, tr. David G. Goodman 44 Susan Orpett Long, Family Change and the Life Course in Japan 48 Helen Craig McCullough, Bungo Manual: Selected Reference Materials for Students of Classical Japanese 49 Susan Blakeley Klein, Ankoku Butō: The Premodern and Postmodern Influences on the Dance of Utter Darkness 50 Karen Brazell, ed., Twelve Plays of the Noh and Kyōgen Theaters 51 David G. Goodman, ed., Five Plays by Kishida Kunio 52 Shirō Hara, Ode to Stone, tr. James Morita 53 Peter J. Katzenstein & Yutaka Tsujinaka, Defending the Japanese State: Structures, Norms and the Political Responses to Terrorism and Violent Social Protest in the 1970s and 1980s 54 Su Xiaokang & Wang Luxiang, Deathsong of the River: A Reader’s Guide to the Chinese TV Series Heshang, trs. Richard Bodman & Pin P. Wan 55 Jingyuan Zhang, Psychoanalysis in China: Literary Transformations, 1919–1949 56 Jane Kate Leonard & John R. Watt, eds., To Achieve Security and Wealth: The Qing Imperial State and the Economy, 1644–1911 57 Andrew F. Jones, Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music 58 Peter J. Katzenstein & Nobuo Okawara, Japan’s National Security: Structures, Norms and Policy Responses in a Changing World 59 Carsten Holz, The Role of Central Banking in China’s Economic Reforms 60 Chifumi Shimazaki, Warrior Ghost Plays from the Japanese Noh Theater: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary 61 Emily Groszos Ooms, Women and Millenarian Protest in Meiji Japan: Deguchi Nao and Ōmotokyō 62 Carolyn Anne Morley, Transformation, Miracles, and Mischief: The Mountain Priest Plays of Kyōgen 63 David R. McCann & Hyunjae Yee Sallee, tr., Selected Poems of Kim Namjo, afterword by Kim Yunsik 64 Hua Qingzhao, From Yalta to Panmunjom: Truman’s Diplomacy and the Four Powers , 1945–1953 65 Margaret Benton Fukasawa, Kitahara Hakushū: His Life and Poetry 66 Kam Louie, ed., Strange Tales from Strange Lands: Stories by Zheng Wanlong, with introduction 67 Wang Wen-hsing, Backed Against the Sea, tr. Edward Gunn 69 Brian Myers, Han Sōrya and North Korean Literature: The Failure of Socialist Realism in the DPRK 70 Thomas P. Lyons & Victor Nee, eds., The Economic Transformation of South China: Reform and Development in the Post-Mao Era 71 David G. Goodman, tr., After Apocalypse: Four Japanese Plays of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with introduction 72 Thomas Lyons, Poverty and Growth in a South China County: Anxi, Fujian, 1949– 1992 74 MartynAtkins,InformalEmpireinCrisis:BritishDiplomacyandtheChineseCustoms Succession, 1927-1929 76 Chifumi Shimazaki, Restless Spirits from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fourth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary 77 Brother Anthony of Taizé & Young-Moo Kim, trs., Back to Heaven: Selected Poems of Ch’ŏn Sang Pyŏng 78 Kevin O’Rourke, tr., Singing Like a Cricket, Hooting Like an Owl: Selected Poems by Yi Kyu-bo 79 Irit Averbuch, The Gods Come Dancing: A Study of the Japanese Ritual Dance of Yamabushi Kagura 80 Mark Peterson, Korean Adoption and Inheritance: Case Studies in the Creation of a Classic Confucian Society 81 Yenna Wu, tr., The Lioness Roars: Shrew Stories from Late Imperial China 82 Thomas Lyons, The Economic Geography of Fujian: A Sourcebook, Vol. 1 83 Pak Wan-so, The Naked Tree, tr. Yu Young-nan 84 C.T. Hsia, The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction 85 Cho Chong-Rae, Playing With Fire, tr. Chun Kyung-Ja 86 Hayashi Fumiko, I Saw a Pale Horse and Selections from Diary of a Vagabond, tr. Janice Brown 87 Motoori Norinaga, Kojiki-den, Book 1, tr. Ann Wehmeyer 88 Chang Soo Ko, tr., Sending the Ship Out to the Stars: Poems of Park Je-chun 89 Thomas Lyons, The Economic Geography of Fujian: A Sourcebook, Vol. 2 90 Brother Anthony of Taizé, tr., Midang: Early Lyrics of...


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