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453 SANDAIKŌ Hattori Nakatsune | 1791 [Nakatsune borrowed a draft of Norinaga’s Tenchizu “Diagram of Heaven and Earth” in 1788. Based on this simple diagram and explanation Nakatsune sketched out a draft of his own interpretation of this realm and other worldly realms, titled Tenchi shohatsu-­kō “A Treatise on the Beginning of Heaven and Earth” (1789). The title is based on the opening line of Kojiki, “When heaven and earth first appeared and there was movement. … ” Nakatsune later reworked this into the current text of Sandaikō. This work attempts to fashion a coherent theology of life and death based on the creation and evolution of three realms: heaven, earth, and the afterlife .] In relation to the state of heaven, earth, the imperial land, and the beginning of the formation of these, foreign theories, whether they be Buddhist or Confucian, are all ideas of the disputant’s mind, views of the limits of one’s understanding, thoughts on how life should be, mere guesses and imaginative fables. Among these, the theories of India are simply like women’s fairy tales, and as these are blind speculation, we need not discuss them any further. Also, the theories from China deal with the deep logic of things, but since they represent man-­ made ideas, we might believe them when we hear them, but upon pondering deeply, you realize that the so-­ called logic of the universe, yin and yang, the eight boundaries, and the five principles are titles given by the debaters to objects that never originally existed. This is true of almost everything, and as this logic has come about in the same fashion, the Chinese discussions about heaven, earth, and the myriad creations also follow this development of reason, and as such are all blind traditions. The reason of things has no limit, and since it is not within the sphere of human understanding and discussion, we cannot believe what people say about heaven and earth when they base it on their reasoning . The only things that men can think and know are those things before their very eyes, or what their hearts can feel, or what can be calculated. When we deal with subjects that fall outside this sphere, no matter how much we may contemplate, there is no way to know. Thus, will we be able to comprehend the beginning and end of the creation of heaven and earth, the various myriad creations, and man who was created after myriad millennia of years? Hereupon, the two kami, Izanagi and Izanami, created our imperial country, that country in which Amaterasu resides, the country over which 454 Views on Japan/Religion the imperial grandson has governed together with heaven and earth from ancient times, a country greater in superiority and excellence than all other nations. Because this country is the father of the four seas, it heals and corrects the hearts of man and, unlike the foreign countries, does not put on airs and expound falsehoods. We know the truth about the beginning of the creation of heaven and earth, and without adding one whit of our own ideas the truth has been handed down from the divine age in its purity. This represents truth without vain deceptions. People say the ideas of China are deeply logical, believed by many to be true, while they say that Japanese ideas are shallow, based on nothing logical. While this may be how one thinks, in reality Chinese ideas are blind tales, and ours are those of the truth. As time has passed, we have shown in detail that these various ways of thinking [by foreigners] are erroneous. These true traditions [of Japan] do not differ in the least. The reason for all this is because lately people have come from countries far in the West who let their hearts float upon the seas, coming continually, and study this great country of ours. The country is round, and the sun and the moon float around in the sky, and this differs greatly from ancient Chinese theories, and so all their logic equals mere guessing—tales no one can believe. Now the ancient traditions of the imperial country state there was one globe in the sky, and all objects follow after this. Taking all this information together, we can show that even now, there is not one fact amiss. Thus, we see that the ancient traditions are correct. And these people from far-­ off countries of the West come to our country, study us...


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