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ï ï # # # # # # # Ñ Ñ # # # D D Yellowstone Lake Molly Islands Park Point Thorofare Creek P a c ific Creek Atla n ti c C r k Heart Lake Clear Creek Trail Creek Cabin Bridger Lake Snake R i v e r Y e l l o w s t o n e R iv e r Wi n d R i v e r N Snake River Thorofare Ranger Station T w o O c e a n P lat e au T h e T r i d ent B i g G a m e R i d g e Mount Sheridan East Entr ance Road S o u t h E n tr a n c e R o a d Fishing Bridge Continental Divide Mount Hancock Hawks Rest Thorofare P l a t e a u Younts Peak Th Mo TETON WILDERNESS A B S S o u t h e a s t A rm Lake West Thumb P romo n to ry S o u th A r m MONTANA WYOMING IDAHO YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Area shown on map YELLOWSTONE WILDERNESS (RECOMMENDED) Colter Peak Huckleberry Mountain Two Ocean Pass N BRIDGERTETON NATIONAL FOREST YNP Y e l l o w sto n e Delta Overlook Mountain Lewis Lake Langford Cairn Lake Butte Wh e t s t one C r ee k Togwotee Pass ! ! Map by Eric Compas The Thorofare Wilderness Complex # # Ñ # # # # # # # # Ñ ofare Creek Greybull River W o od River North Fork Shoshone River Ne e d l e C r ee k e S o u t h F o r k Shoshone River Francs Peak l a t e a u Younts Peak Thorofare Mountain Wall Mountain WASHAKIE WILDERNESS A B S A R O K A M O U N T A I N R A N G E Wapiti Cody Needle Mountain SHOSHONE NATIONAL FOREST Fortress Mountain Red Tops Wiggins Peak Dunrud Peak erlook untain Burwell Pass D Most remote point # Summit Ñ Mountain Pass Continental Divide Trail Major Road Forest/Park Boundary 0 5 10 Miles I Wilderness Boundary Boulder Basin Pass Trapper's Thorofare ...


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